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Tahiti X for FSX v1.01


On my journeys I stumbled upon some of those mysterious giant Moai stone  statues.

Miniature versions can be seen at most airports as a tourist decoration but here out in the countryside and next to the beach they felt like the proper article.

They are very eerie at low light and I am sure those eyes follow you around!

If you search carefully there are other monuments and artefacts to be found, just persevere they are out there!

So for a first random view I was very impressed and encouraged that the team at Aerosoft were adding a believable living world, this was accentuated by the addition of flocks of seabirds passing by, not mentioned earlier.

I set off to another island just to make sure this was not a one off!  So I hopped across to Tupai.  Again I found plenty to explore, here they have some typical French colonial buildings and another busy airport apron.  The usual cargo action with boxes everywhere, a small camp site and a poor damaged aircraft at the base of some palm trees.

As with most island life, maritime transportation is an important and integral part of everyday life.  Whilst exploring the coastlines you will find there is plenty of leisure craft you would expect in paradise! but also there were larger cargo ships you can inspect at a close range too. 

Having the use of a float plane here is, I would say, essential.  The Beaver or Twin Otter float would be ideal. On this occasion I chose the default MS Beaver just to see how it performed. 

Now you can explore those islands without airfields, the lagoons and river tributaries that are only accessible by sea. There is so much to explore, there are many things I haven't listed, that is up to you to find!.

Tahiti (NTAA) has an ILS but that is the only one in the area.
Huahine has a VOR and a few of the others have NDB's. Some airfields and the remaining islands have no navigation aids at all so you will just have to hone your dead-reckoning skills!

Marina and lighthouse

On a solitary beach waiting for sundown

Once I shutdown the engine near the beach I was a little disappointed not to hear the sea birds or waves lapping up to the shore.  This is not a criticism as I love the sound of that radial engine but I was almost that convinced I was there!

One thing I haven't covered yet is the mesh, some of these islands have very steep mountainous peaks.  There is a mesh included with the scenery and makes those previously featureless mounds into some scary terrain to fly over!  It also adds a lot of character to the coastal regions creating interesting fissures to explore.

So off to some of the outlying islands.  Some of them are very remote and take some finding but you are well rewarded when you do.  There is a mixture of what I would call atolls with the archetypal lagoon and shallow water so expertly captured, volcanic type islands with the high peaks and the smaller sometimes less featured islands. Each type has its own special character.
The sim remained fluid throughout, the only slight aberration was near to airfields with a lot of action going on.  The team at Aerosoft have just recently released v1.01 so if you already have this software the upgrade (re-install) is available FOC. This should help ease the load on the CPU slightly and is worthwhile installing.  New users will automatically get the new version.

This one gets a big thumbs up from me. A great combination of scenery and adventure.  An included mission or flight plan would have been nice but there's plenty of choices of places to visit.  

Tahiti X is visually stunning and it has certainly lifted me out of the doldrums.  A real paradise for GA and bush flyers. I have by no means finished exploring. I am going to be here some while yet, where's my grass skirt!!

Before I go, here's that sunset I was waiting for!

Happy flying,

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