A2A Simulations (Shockwave) 3D Lights Redux
For FSX and FS2004


If you are looking for aircraft exterior enhancement to improve your dawn, dusk and night flying look no further, this programme is a gem and will deliver in abundance what you are seeking.

As mentioned this programme provides lighting effects to older aircraft as well as newer ones. (Different lighting effects due to the lighting performance of that time) I must say, I have never seen strobe effects like these, you can almost hear the whine just before the flash! A stunning job.

I adore the effects, thank you to A2A/Shockwave for producing such an innovative add-on which adds so much to the feeling of realism in the virtual world in which we all fly.

This is a must for any serious flightsim pilot, it is so simple to install and within minutes you can see the incredible effects, on the default aircraft that is.

OK, to get the best effects you have to be flying the red eye flights,or out at Dusk or Dawn, I have never flown so much in these lighting conditions since installing this programme.  With this amount of night flying, I think I will change my name to Count Dracula! Any charts for Transylvania??

So as to adding the effects to other aircraft I had a go, despite being eventual success I found the process complicated and for anyone whom is not comfortable mucking about with files within the FSX and FS9 environment will not get the best form the effects offered. I would urge A2A to look at this, and create an easier way of taking full advantage of the fantastic effects, adding to 3rd party aircraft.

I gather A2A will be reviewing the comments made by users in their dedicated chat room, a nice move, but here is hoping that a easy way can be developed to add other aircraft.

So, a quick note to all other commercial developers. If you want our hard earned cash, ensure that the lighting reaches the benchmark this programme offers. Any less will not do, you have been warned!

In conclusion. This is such a little programme but has a massive impact! Definitely not a flash in the pan product! This one is here to stay.

System used for review:
AMD 64X Athlon Dual Core Processor
3 Gig SD Ram
Nvidia G-Force 7900 GT

Onwards and Upwards..
Nigel C Martin

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