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  1. Video Timestamps: Introduction 0:07 Private Helicopter 2:30 Lift Off 3:26 On Route 4:37 Fagradalsfjall Volcano 6:00 Geldingadalir Volcano 7:25 Litli-Hrútur Volcano (Dawn Rider by Triston Barton) 8:14 Litli-Hrútur Volcano Wall Collapse 9:55
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  3. Very interestng documentary Frank and an anniversary worth celebrating. I agree with Brett, with your commentary it is a vast improvement over the musak before. I haven't visted Templehof before (or Berlin) so didn't know about the eagle shape of the terminal. Luckily the airport was closed as you would never be cleared for your under the canopy flying! Cheers Mate Joe
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  4. Here's a topical one for you all: A man with suspected Corona virus is lying in a hospital bed with a face mask on waiting to be seen. A trainee nurse comes to give the man a bed bath. The man asks “Are my testicles black?" The nurse replies “I'm here to give you a bed bath" The man asks again slightly more agitated this time “Ok, but can you look to see if my testicles are black?” The nurse replies “Sir I'm only supposed to give you a bed bath upper body and feet" The man rather breathless this time manages to ask one more time, “Please, are my testicles bla
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