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  1. A follow up video with the complete voice recorder transcript. Unprepared may be the best word to summarize the flight. Timestamps: Intro 0:07 Trouble from the beginning 0:56 Flight plan entry problems 1:50 N79NX enters restricted airspace 2:59 Frustration elevates 5:19 Runway change 7:15 Anxiety + confusion with CIGOR 8:00 Panic 10:47 Chilling last words 11:50 Final 3 seconds of transcript. 13:38 Voice recorder insight SYNOPSIS 14:27
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  2. In a new series of videos we will review most of the available freeware airstrips in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This Part 1 video covers the first 5 highest airstrips. PNG is noted for its challenging bush/backcountry strips, high in mountains, low in valleys, often short & sloping with difficult approaches & limited or no go-arounds. Come see how I go in a Cessna 152 & then give them a go yourself. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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