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  1. In 1945 the Second World War a soldier was asked by the regimental medical orderly when he had last had sex with a woman. He replied 1943 sir. The orderly was surprised and said that was a long time ago. The soldier looked at his watch and said well it is only 20.45 now sir.
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  2. Nicely done Frank, this saboteur story is in my top five of WWII. The snow and weather conditions along with distances traveled by these fine soldiers is top notch, also getting up and down that valley and sneaking in and placing the explosives, just wow. Not to mention escaping afterward. A darn shame about the failures of the other parts of the mission and the losses of life. Funny thing, I just happened to watch a show about looking for the ferry that went down and it had some great video of the ferry and barrels of heavy water that were still down there in the depths. Thanks for
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