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  1. Having driven across the Nullarbor plain 4 times, it certainly seems to go on for ever, and its a fight sometimes to stay alert. Dodging large road trains can make life interesting at times.
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  2. Come join Aussie Owen Zupp, airline pilot & award-winning aviation writer, as he flies solo in a light aircraft around Australia in 2010. Enjoy beautiful Australian scenery, especially the famous remote outback/backcountry, & learn a bit about Aussie aviation history. Part 3 is Broome thru' Perth to Forrest. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. Note: Owen flew an Australian Jabiru J230 but there isn't one in MSFS yet, so we'll use a sort-of-similar German FK9 Mk IV in this Part 3 video, with real-live footage of the FK9 at the end of the video. https://youtu.be/g_xEkrXd-08?si=WGmSGNxNCE6ubog4
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  3. I have had the same feelings as Mr. Zupp when flying around certain parts of Australia, the vastness of Nullarbor plains makes it seem never-ending. Sort of the same feeling you get when using the Atlantic northern ferry routes over water. Although over the plains you do get to see... something. I wonder how much extra fuel is used between C-172 and the wider German equivalent. If not much, then why don't they make all small planes wider. Some of these smaller planes are pretty tight in the cockpit. Ok, enough of my musing's, thank you Frank for the views and interesting writings fro
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