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  1. JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE 10th May 2024 TWO INCREDIBLE DUKES FROM BLACK SQUARE AVAILABLE FOR MSFS Black Square's Piston Duke and Turbine Duke for Microsoft Flight Simulator are now on sale from Just Flight and you can also buy both aircraft together in a money-saving Bundle. These technically advanced aircraft feature unapologetically realistic systems, well over 100 possible random, scheduled or performance-triggered failures, 12 hot-swappable radio configurations and the most advanced turbocharger, pres
  2. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980s popular beat combo)
  3. True pioneering spirit in those days! Great fun, thanks for posting Frank.
  4. Great TnG at St Barts, considering there was someone on the runway.
  5. Thank guys in reporting suspicious posts, 100 % spam. I'm getting the reports through by email so I action it and ban the "member" immediately. Cheers, Joe
  6. I agree with your Swiss cheese model of probable causation. The pilots should have more aware of the situation outside the aircraft? Thanks for posting Frank.
  7. Sorry to hear of the passing of your CFI. Definitely more accurate communication could have avoided the disaster. Thanks for the documentary, it had me zoned in on the screen
  8. Very enjoyable and entertaining Frank. Like Brett, I love the growl of the double Wasp engine, quite a performer too!
  9. BTW, the forum has a feature which stops spammers registering but sometimes one gets through. Often they register then go dormant for a couple of months. Here are ones caught by the system yesterday 6th Feb.
  10. Thanks for the heads up guys, I have just taken care of a couple of posts Brett has highlighted for me. If anyone suspects a spam post you can you the report post option and I will pick it up.
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