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  1. Hi all! After so so long out of the world of flight simulation I have finally cleaned my system up, Deleted a load of rubbish and done some tweaking! I have a new GPU coming and have purchased P3D! I'm looking at PMDG series to purchase and have already started buying scenery I'm not sure about which traffic and weather addons to get though! I'm considering ORBx Global too! Hope everyone is well? Thanks
  2. Haha! This is why I shouldn't type messages out when I am tired, I could imagine it would be sore but he left it to his wife aswell JG.
  3. Lets hope he has a quiet 7 years then as it was a right slog out there very unpleasant. My cousin is based in Lincolnshire with the RAF he loves it but is coming out this year as he has recently had a baby.
  4. Thanks all! Slowly settling back into normality and enjoying myself! Needles, Hope your lad got back safely also! I believe the 4 Scots and the DG were there at the same time on 14. Is he still in your son?
  5. Well that didnt go to plan at all, I am now back at my mother and fathers house haha.
  6. So sorry to hear the news of your fathers passing Alan. Hope you and your family are okay.
  7. Oh I enjoy a bit of ETS2, Been thinking of getting a wheel for that. What did you go for?
  8. I haven't been using FSX for too long, Used FS9 for years and now I have boxed up all of my Aircraft for that except the 737PIC. I have the PMDG 737NG and PMDG 747 payware but thats it for FSX. Flying for FlyUK I use a lot of their freeware aircraft but I am seriously considering getting Aerosoft Airbus and am saving for the PMDG 777. So much to save for.
  9. Beautifully crisp pictures Dolph! Love them.
  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Steph! Apologies for the late wishes as I had the inlaws visiting for the weekend!
  11. I was saddened when I found out this morning, Such a wonderful man. Not having a good start to the year are we?
  12. A late entry from me. Landing at Frankfurt some silly air traffic controller forgot to tell the Varig to hold! screen shot Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys I will have a look and maybe cut back on the slider it seems I may be a bit greedy, the sim looks fantastic but I loose about 15fps on the ground. I've got the mem fix in a a bufferpool line added into my config.
  14. And also my FSX setting and Nvidia Inspector settings.
  15. Love photos Kieran, I was at Rugeley Trent Valley the other week on my way down to London and watching some of the Freight and Pendolinos roar through was great.
  16. Thanks guys! Alan good to see you mate and you are looking well! She is well aware of my love for aviation. Just need to find a nice place to put my models now.
  17. Evening all, Installed my FSX last night and my ORBx, REX and some UK2000 scenery. I've had a look at some tweak guides and settings but I seem to be really struggling with fps when on the ground at airports. I see other people at airports like Bangkok with their sliders maxed getting an easy 40fps but I'm sitting with 14 at Glasgow Is there anything new that I am missing? I can post my fsx.cfg if that helps? Thanks!
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