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  1. My vote would also be firmly for the 'Twotter'. Superb aircraft (both in real life and by Aerosoft).
  2. It's a fine looking aircraft. What a coincidence that two of the most high profile add-ons released in the last couple of weeks have both been bi-planes! (And yes, the other is the incredible Antonov An-2.)
  3. Several of us in the Digital Theme Park community have bought this amazing aircraft in the last few days. Fantastic for short field ops (which is great for us as we do a lot of bush flying in the PNW and S Alaska). Can't recommend it highly enough (despite a couple of bugs to do with the electrical switches sometimes operating but not changing positions). No patch yet but still early days. Superb VC and exterior, together with realistic starting characteristics - as outlined by OP - give this aircraft so much personality.
  4. I'm not an expert with FS Recorder, but my understanding is that its function is just to record the movement of your aircraft in 3d space and time, together with certain 'states' the aircraft is in during the flight; such as whether the gear is up or down. The idea is that you make that basic recording while controlling the 'plane, then replay the flight (ie without having to be in control) while capturing a 'movie' using your software of choice (Fraps maybe) and creating the camera angles using eg EZdok. That gives you the freedom to stop and start the FS Recorder 'track' at will, while pra
  5. Downloading now from the UK server and getting my full line speed (which is a fairly measly 450KB/s). Just been flying online with some friends who already have it installed and are raving about it!
  6. Hello All, This is the first time I've entered any MH competitions so here's hoping for beginner's luck! First shot is from the MilViz F-86. My favourite VC ever - particularly at night. Second shot is from the A2A P-51, somewhere over England. I've tried FTX and gone back to the Horizon photo scenery, at least for a while. I think this shot shows just how good it can look, even from a fairly low height. Last is again from the P-51, this time over Orbx's New Zealand I think. I just love the low clouds down amongst the trees. I think my weather setting was Orbx four.
  7. A very nice set of screenshots. Perfect time of day and weather combination.
  8. Very nice. That VFR scenery looks beautiful. Perhaps I ought to invest in the coverage north of the border...
  9. George, Thanks for this. Sorry I haven't responded until now. I had stopped checking for any replies. I have also discovered the mine of (up-to-date) information at http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/fsx-software-and-hardware-guide/ Haven't had time to absorb it all yet, but it seems to provide some very good advice. Thanks again for taking time to help. Mark
  10. Hi Guys, I was hoping someone might be kind enough to give me a steer towards what are the current cpu/mobo combinations that are at the best price/performance sweet spot. I get pretty good frame rates in all but the most demanding situations (eg it slows down where Orbx scenery has dense trees in NZ). So although better frame rates in all circumstances would be nice, the main frustration is the time it takes to start up FSX, and then to load the scenery. Consequently I was thinking that I would like to install a pair of conventional 500GB or possibly 1TB RAID 0 HDDs instead of the single
  11. My first reaction is also that the price is too high. However....... Although I completely accept that some people literally cannot afford to stump up that amount of cash in one go, for those of us lucky enough to be able to afford it, it's a matter of priorities. I am seriously considering upgrading my cpu, mobo and RAM, which are all nearly four years old. That's going to cost about £300 or more to be worth doing. What will I get for that outlay? A faster-loading, smoother FSX experience. Fine. But for less than half that I could transform my flights anywhere in the world from the fr
  12. Christopher - Thanks for the tip about the scaling of the England trees. I certainly get the impression that they can look a little large compared to the (flat) buildings. Having said that, in many areas - particularly the more rural ones - they add significantly to the overall look of the landscape. Kevin - Thank you for the screenshots. Yes, you've found just the right area, from Dunkeswell north(ish) to my house on the outskirts of Taunton. Much appreciated.
  13. Well, I've deselected my FTX England layers in my scenery library and re-enabled Gen-X, and my loading times have worsened significantly. One more factor in the equation...
  14. Thanks chaps - that's really helpful. And thanks, particularly Dai, for the screenies. (My lat/long is 50* 59.8N, 3*07.3W Kevin.) Actually, although I may well still go for it, I have to say that for flying at the low altitudes in these screenies I'm not altogether convinced. I think you have to be at a certain height where you are looking down on the trees, otherwise it's a bit strange seeing them 'above' what are obviously buildings, like in the last shot. Hmmmmmm...
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