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  1. They are great pictures, amazing colours!
  2. Amazing pictures and a great looking a/c!
  3. Cool pics, I would not want to be the pilot of the Cessna!
  4. A beautiful set of pictures, very atmospheric!
  5. Hi Guys I've not flown for a while or posted any pics as I have been busy at work and with my family so here are a few from Malta to Rome in an Alitalia A321 in a classic livery Flight AZ887 Hope you enjoy! Parked up in Malta, nearly ready to go Push and start A view of the terminal from the office Starting to taxi Turning on to the active for a bit of back tracking Up we go Positive rate of climb, gear up please Turn right Coming to get you! Afternoon Gents Turn and decend Nearly there Last turn, I think!? About to be called a nasty name! A
  6. Thanks for the advice guys I will have a look!
  7. My favourite jet is the PMDG 737 700 - 900, not the NGX one though. And I also love the Level D 767! I don't really fly GA stuff coz I don't seem to be able to fly them properly!
  8. Very very nice Alan! Wishing you and your other half many hours of happy motoring!
  9. Brilliant set of pics Alan and a really nice tribute to the men and women putting their lives on the line for us each day!
  10. Hello All Hope everyone is well!! Does anyone know if you can merge the Wilco Series 2 A340 panel with the Project Airbus A380? If you can does anyone know how?? Thanks Colin
  11. Hi Mike Thanks for the info, my mum and dad booked my tickets as my birthday present this year. We are going on the Saturday and have paid for the priority parking which was expensive but better for us with the kids! We will have a great day and am looking forward to it and taking loads of pics!
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