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  1. Well, I'm glad that I love eggs (scrambled or omelets, not fried or hard-boiled), because I kinda ended up with a bit of it on my face. The Bravo comes (supposedly) already set up for FS2020, and as such, since I got it, it has worked without any real fine-tuning. Aside from playing with the given FS settings (Sensitivity, Dead Zones, Neutral, Reactivity, etc.), mine has always worked fine. I did use the Win 10 calibration Test tab to check out each control or button/switch, but not much else. So when SU5 came along, and hosed almost everyone's rig, my problems were automatically blamed o
  2. Thanks, Brian. And to add to my frustrations, I discovered while doing this set-up that the first 2 levers on my Bravo are toast. When I move either one the first 1/4 inch or so, nothing happens, and then the axis goes instantly to 50%. From 50% up, normal. But right now, my two controls are 0 to 50%, with nothing in between. But that's another story, eh?
  3. Yeah, I'm pissed! Like probably hundreds of others, I bought into the hype about the Bravo, and waited over a year, bouncing from dealer to dealer waiting for the magic call - "We've got the Bravo!" Couldn't wait to open that box when it arrived and check out the goods. And I was impressed. Especially because for what this thing could do, it was cheap. How cheap I didn't know until just today. I've been fighting what I thought was major problems after the SU5 debacle, grabbing the Hot-fix, and going nuts trying to make my system work again. And I just worked with someone on line who final
  4. Okay, I'm not even going to try this and get back to you - I am doing these steps as I write this, and let the chips fall where they may: Load MSFS2020 (BTW, the Cub Crafter X Cub is on deck, and it has Flaps) Open the Options menu Open the Controls Options Click on Bravo Throttle Quadrant Filter - Assigned Click on Flight Control Surfaces Click on Secondary Control Surfaces Click on Increase Flaps, currently set to Joystick Button 15 (no response at this time) Click on Joystick Button 15 Click on Clear Current Input - box changes to "Start
  5. I'm still trying to find a more relevant topic for this, but since it has to do with controllers... b Love your guide, and if my controllers were working, it wold be nice. But I cannot find the answer to my problem, even on the MSFS2020 forums: Since SU5, the only parts of my controllers working are the axes. I have the X-56 HOTAS, Logitech rudder pedals, Bravo quadrant...and I cannot bind anything to the buttons /switches on any peripheral. In the FS controller section, any axis can be bound, and when done, you can watch the bar slide back and forth as you move them. But if I
  6. From what I understand, Asobo reduced the graphics to make the sim work on X-Box. They also reduced the memory useage for the same reason. So now, even though we've invested big bucks in high-end PC systems, MS/Asobo have made all of us X-Box users by proxy.
  7. Take a look at it in Google Earth...there's a real challenge for you! After I've figured out how to land at Lukla, I might try this one.
  8. A friend has told me that he has a FS9 airport called Bronson Creek, located in Canada. The code is supposed to be CB5, but I can't find it anywhere in Skyvector. I know this place is a treasure of little to unknown airports/strips, so I'm wondering if it has been heard of up here. I've been talking to him about the strip at Lukla, and he said that this one is just as difficult. Incidentally, I'd like to fly it in FSX, not FS9.
  9. I downloaded the REX Essentials w/Overdrive from the Flightsim Shop, and it took me 37 hours. No joke! It took off at first, and as it continued, it got slower and slower. Fortunately, I had nothing better to do, so I walked away from it, went to bed, got up the next day and went to work, and when I got home, it was still downloading. And I have a 10 Mbit connection. Learned one thing - just because you have a broadband connection doesn't mean you'll have fast d/l's. If the server on the other end is hosed, all the broadband in the world ain't gonna help you. Love your site up here, Mu
  10. If you look at the Blountstown runway, you'll note the rows of pines growing at the NW end - that was a treee farm, and the trees were planted right up to the end of the runway. We were putting on a skydiving exhibition on June 2, 1968, and we were jumping out of a Piper Tri-Pacer, the Cherokee 235 and an Aeronca. Having made one of the first jumps of the day, I was all packed up and waiting for the next lift, when a local guy named Johnny decided to put on a spontaneous air show in the Aeronca, and I went along for the ride. Johnny had done a number of rolls inverted in the plane (which was N
  11. I'm getting ready to purchase the new MegaScenery Earth 2.0 Florida scenery (being released today), for $39.95! Since I do almost all of my flying withn the confines of my state, I figured this would be a great buy. At 25.5 Gb, it's gonna be a lengthy download, but I have a hi-speed broadband connection, so it shouldn't take me more than a few days. Actually, probably about 5-7 hours at worst. It will be nice to fly up there in the Panhandle and see both the old Fannin Field and the new KECP field.
  12. I nearly flipped out when I opened the first link, and found the Blountstown airport right on top. I did a lot of skydiving in the area while I was stationed at Tyndall AFB, and started jumping at Fannin Field in 1965. The drop zone was right at the end of 32, just off to the left. We rented Cessna 172s and 182s from Sowell. BUt after awhile we lost the DZ there and started looking for jump sites elsewhere. We jumped at the MIlton T field for awhile and then moved to Blountstown where a local doctor had a Cherokee 235 that we jumped. HArd to believe that you could skydive a low-wing aircraft,
  13. I spent over 3 years in Panama City Florida, stationed at Tyndall AFB, and sky-diving at Fannin Field (KPFN). Flew into and out of Fannin for years, but haven't been in that neck of the woods far a very long time. So I was surprised when I looked up KPFN in FSX (and found it), and then searching for approach charts, found out that it has been "decommissioned" and replaced by Northwest Florida Beaches International (KECP). WOW! What happened? So I went up on Google EArth and scoped it out. Sure enough, there was this airport with one very long (10,000') runway, 16/34, out in the sticks. And
  14. Capitalism should rule, and I have no problems paying for something worth the money. Re the A2A P-51. I paid top dollar for that military bird, and went right back and bought the civvie model, both with Accu-Sim. And added Accu-Feel. Then I went up on the A2A site and got some of the most fantastic repaints I have ever seen, for free! I've paid for REX Essential w/Overdrive and haven't been sorry. Likewise FS Commander, FSUIPC (registered), and so on. I downloaded FacetracknoIR for free, and it works as advertised. Now there's a piece of software worth paying for. But I have no problem
  15. I know this is an old topic, but I'm cruising around looking for a particular set of missions and approaches that went with the book I just got for Christmas - MS Flight Simulator for Pilots/Real World Training. It's a Wiley book, authored by Jeff Van West and Kevin Lane-Cummings, and it refers to a set of files that can be downloaded from the Wiley site (www.wiley.com) under the link titled FSX Flights and Movies. The file is/was called FSX_Files.zip. Does anyone know of these files and where they might now be located? The book has the written tutorials, but I'd love to be able to load some
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