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  1. Hi everyone! I want to get back into FSX but the load times are ridiculous and SSDs are out of the question sadly (5mins to load to splash screen, another minute to open aircraft list). I simply have a bloated FSX - currently about 70Gb, mostly aircraft, and a lot of them I don't even like very much. I want to start over. I have my FSX Acceleration Gold DVD with me, plus Traffic X, AirHauler, and some basic add-ons I got ages ago. I have REX Essential Plus Overdrive but no disc on me I believe (may have been a download). Ideally, I'd uninstall completely, and remove EVERY add-on I've
  2. You'll notice the loading times are vastly reduced with an SSD, though most people reckon it doesn't improve FPS that much... As for graphics card, haven't a clue But both are better than mine and I appear to cope plenty well enough!
  3. I guess I helped with this... I kept on thinking, planning routes, then thinking of the hassle and trying to remind myself how to resize the pictures I got so they fit. At least with ATWC I could just upload and link without worrying about cropping. Personally I don't think the competitions should be wider in subject - 'Search And Rescue in the mountains' is likely to get more screenshots and pique more imagination than 'Mountains'. Although I don't have any SAR stuff so the few times I dust of FSX during the empty holidays and the subject defies me!
  4. I think there was an Ilyushin 4-jet the other day over my house... I swear I've seen a VC10 doing touch-and-go at RNAS Yeovilton down the road but might be mistaken. Only contrails in the distance of the transatlantic bunch heading along the south coast today.
  5. Makes me want to dust off my A340s... and I just flew one There's something FSX just misses when you see videos of real aircraft, and that's the sheer beauty of not just the world but of the aircraft as well!
  6. Thanks everyone! I had so much fun getting lost! And Brett, your picture made me laugh just as much, Tonga it is
  7. ----DAY 1---- Here I sit, in Tahiti's worst snowstorm ever, on a freakily chilly morning. The weather seems to be scaring the deity-fearing locals, and I'm very keen to leave before I'm sacrificed. I want to return to the more usual Pacific climate - this time tomorrow I should be waking up in a hotel overlooking a pristine beach in Rarotonga. It's only a few hundred miles of water and the occasional island, so it should be plain-sailing, right? The sun's peeking over the horizon as the engines start up, and I soon call for pushback. [/url] It's just me on board - the tail might
  8. Aah, it works! Should I have needed to use the BBCode button toggle thing on the topright? Otherwise I couldn't see the link...
  9. Thanks Dai, that makes sense.... This is what I get...
  10. Hi all, title says it all! I've got the text written out and it's autosaved in the forums so I can leave it and come back to it, but I'm a little late doing it (blame Santa ) But when I go to photobucket I can't remember which link to copy, then which button to press. I copied my text from Word, and for some reason I had to fiddle with HTML and BBCode and turn them both on then off again to get the text to appear (paste from word didn't seem to work), but I think the text is all normal now... Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you, hope you all had a great Christmas! George
  11. It'll be there tomorrow evening. Aaaah, relief is nigh for me.
  12. Ooh so looking forward to this seeing as I missed the first two Sectors... I've got a cracker in store to make up for it though! (provided I get the flight I want, Micke!)
  13. Fantastic scenery... and that Skymaster looks superb. Gimme gimme! Looking forward to the next Section of ATWC now.
  14. My favourite airport is KTEX. It's at 9000ft in the Rockies in Colorado, with a 6500ft runway. There's some excellent freeware photoscenery from BlueSky Scenery for most of Colorado (and most of the West of US I think now) that I really recommend. You'll need a small jet or a decent propeller plane to go from there though because of altitude and 14,500ft mountains on three sides. Being in America there's loads of airports of all sizes nearby. California isn't far if you want cities, there's Arizona to the south for deserts, and a lot of backcountry places to the East once you've cleared the
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