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  1. You're lucky that I coded all of the avionics to work fully as that certainly wasn't the case in the real aircraft that our product is based on Years of abuse by student pilots certainly takes its toll on an aircraft, and we have a couple more GA aircraft in-development which will feature similar levels of wear.
  2. For anyone wanting a bit less wear & tear, we've updated the product to include a tool which allows you to switch between the existing (heavily worn - just like the real aircraft) VC textures and a set which are less worn - http://www.justflight.com/support/pa28-arrow-iii/30fa7cc
  3. Spot on! The research aircraft (G-BGKU) belongs to my flying club. We were lucky to photograph the aircraft on a day when none of the gauges were missing
  4. Hi all For those of you who don't visit our Facebook page, here are some pics showing the progress on the Tornado VC:
  5. Not everyone. We have our Huntingdon office until at least the end of October and our London office until late next year. The plan was always to get rid of the Huntingdon office, no point paying for a massive warehouse when 95% of sales are now downloads! A big chunk of Just Flight always worked from home but its a first for me. Its been a good change so far
  6. Slip Rich a tenner and he might put you back at the top Look forward to seeing everyone there. I should be on the development stand, showing off the upcoming Tornado GR1 (and possibly Tristar Professional).
  7. Me and Rich (from JF) should be attending again this year. Look forward to meeting you all there!
  8. If you drop our orders team an e-mail (orders@justflight.com) they will add the free Spitfire to your account. Thanks Martyn
  9. I spent a considerable amount of time writing the manual to make it as simple as possible for our large F-Lite customer base (its not the simplest of aircraft to operate), and this is the first time that I've seen feedback suggesting that it was difficult to understand. Could you explain what you found difficult?
  10. Damn, too easy! Yes, its the Nimrod MR2 - a true British aircraft
  11. This shouldn't be too hard - my favourite aircraft of all time!
  12. Myself, Rich and Phil will be attending from Just Flight. Hopefully we'll meet you all there, or at the nearest pub
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