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  1. :smile: Are you using the FZ02 in FSX? If so could you possibly give me some assistance on how to get it to work with FSX SP2? Amazing edits George!
  2. After seing ddavid's post of the welsh mist rolling in, and seeing this site out of my bedroom window on Friday 10th April, I thought I would share... Here's the link to the full size image, I know it is titled, "EDIT", but ignore that, these shots are 100% pure. B) http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q308/kurtisgreen/EDIT100409_01.jpg
  3. Congrats!!! Might have a go at the next comp. :great:
  4. l.ol... No, not that good. Graphics/video card or whatever you call it is the worst. I have the specs at the bottom of every review... http://www.fsreviews.tk FSX Deluxe SP2 (DX9) Dell Dimension DXP051 Intel
  5. Great shots. That first one next to the ATR is funny. And you be very careful... on that runway behind the ATR, watch out for that wake turbulence! l.ol
  6. Just finished a review on the T34B for my site http://www.fsreviews.tk and managed to take these and share them, my best screenshots yet I think!
  7. What Joe said!!! Please do share. The longest flight away I've been on is Dunkeswell to Compton Abbas in a PA-28R as I posted a few weeks back!
  8. Great! My names being given to ducks now is it!!! l.ol
  9. greenk

    Military Humour

    lol... Thanks for sharing!
  10. wow, you're getting a lot of these reviews in lately Joe! Great work!
  11. Nice paint! My first repaint was of the 152 I fly. Didn't turn out too well since it was my first repaint!
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