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  1. Nice job! I guess I better pick an AC and get it prepped! :biggrin:
  2. I found pics and paint kits, etc there, but not the actual helo. I'll keep looking around. Thanks Joe!
  3. Anyone know where I can get a good freeware Bell 47 Helo? (Or really cheap payware) Like they used in the Korean War?
  4. You are talking about a multiplayer flight, correct? Sharing the AC? If so, I can co-pilot a little, assuming my schedule permits.
  5. I would be willing to try, but it would be the weekend before I'd get a chance. Maybe someone will be able to fit it in sooner?
  6. From what I've read, there may not be a version for chrome. Apparently google chrome doesn't play nice with toolbars. I am told that it won't work with IE8 right now either.
  7. My first entry this month... Extra at the Golden Gate Bridge.
  8. Here one... Jet Airliner by The Steve Miller Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyQ1znMc3og
  9. Another option would be Irfanview, it's is a really good program, and it's free. I use it quite a bit! http://www.irfanview.com/
  10. I'd be up for it sometime, what time zone are you in, and when is a good time for you?
  11. I have installed some addon scenery, but theres no option to load any scenery in CP that I know of, and I don't have a traffic addon. I can't wait to get AH, might be a while with buisiness being like it is though.
  12. I don't know for sure if this problem is limited to only the L45, but here's whats happening. I am using the L45 in Cargo Pilot, and most of the time, when I start off, the nose of the AC is sitting on top of the fuel pumps. When I do a push back, the nose stays up in the air, with the AC sitting on it's tail, no way to get it down, other than to start taxi and keep bumping the brakes to shift the weight to the nose, otherwise, it will just wheelie all the time, with no steering at all.Qand of course, as soon as it noses up, the tail takes damage. Has anyone else ever experienced this, and i
  13. Some of those are really good!
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