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  1. And again..... like a bad penny. changing my name to "The Lurker"
  2. Go Daddy !!! Crikey, I remember the First ATWC..... blast from the past huh ? Cheers
  3. Been away, working. Hopefully be around again soon - apologies in advance ! :P
  4. Apparently Flight1 are indeed planning upgrades in the near future - will at least be including LOD - required to optimise frmaerate performance. Good times !
  5. I think like the other Flight1 scenery apps (Instant Scenery, Airport Studio, Instant Misison Maker), they give the user simple tools to create a basic airport etc., and then possibly export the model/airport/mission etc. into a more capable program for more advanced operations if required. OF course for many people or "projects", they will suffice, but certainly for the 3 mentioned above, they do export in a form recognised by more complex software. As for 3D Object Maker, if you've tried using say FSDS, you'll appreciate how much easier Flight1 have just made the basic process !!! I have
  6. I agree... and the 560 Ti 448 with the Frozr coolers are absolutely the 'Dogs'.
  7. It appears no. Some have tried and failed miserably - something to do with the Flight1 licensing system.
  8. Very nice indeed ! I love this plane. Is this the PAD BAe ? Hopefully someone will do the Queen's livery for the new QW release !?
  9. Hmm.. 185 is a little too rich for me - would need a beefier PSU too. Think I'll go with a 560 1.2 GB - £135 new - amazingly it only needs 23 Amps on the 12v rail (3 less than an 8800 GT !)... so then I can keep my current PSU. I'd love the 560 Ti 448 - meant to be a corker - it's still hovering around the £165 mark. P.S I'll be doing you a review on "FS Captain" shortly - well, I'll be offering it you anyway ! It's an impressive little 'pilot career' progam - been using it for a while - and it sort of works well in conjunction with 'Air Hauler' and your VA.
  10. "... Heh ! I'm Lewis Hamilton... I don't DO mirrors !" In trouble again !!!
  11. OOoooohhhh... just in time for the new QW BAe 146 RJ ! Hopefully someone will get a Royal RAF livery done for it. Yay, we love our Royals !
  12. Consensus is that nVidia have a better look and feel in FSX. Unless playing at larger than 19x1080p resolutions, I'd get a minmum of GTX 560 - if you can go to $250 bucks, get the (1.2 GB) 560 Ti 448 - which is currently the best buy for sensible money on Toms Hardware - stunnign card for games in general !
  13. How much Muts ? I''m in the market in 2 weeks for a new nVidia. F1 2011 and Skyrim are dire on mine.
  14. Been busy with university stuff and other writing - so I had bit of a sabbatical from FS. Yes, I offered to do a series of 'scenery design' articles - inspired by the release of 3D Object Maker - as FSDS and 3D Max are nightmares to use. Will hopefully be covering Object Design, Airport Design and Object Placement: each one part-tutorial, part-review of the Flight 1 apps, and part comparing the different softwares out there. Should keep me busy for 6 months - and out of mischief ! New mag-setup looks encouraging - :thum:
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