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  1. Hi Bernd,


    If you can wait and no-one else answers, I can let you know in the morning.





    Hi Joe!


    Thank you very much. I think I figured it out already; as long as I stand in LFPG, the weather of the surrounding (near) airports is the same. This is because of limitations of the weather theme mode that Opus uses. You can not set the weather at stations, you can only set it for a certain tile. Opus updates the weather as your flight progresses...


    However, I was not able to solve my issue, because I was using FSX ATC und AI and ATC assigned me the wrong approach (because the weather was not yet set at the airports) and AI took off on wrong runways... 



  2. Hi!


    Anyone who owns Opus: can you please help me with an issue here!? I set myself to LFPG and injected the weather. The other two airports in Paris (LFPO and LFPB) do have the same wind as LFPG has, even though the metars report different values. Can somebody confirm this or do I have something not setup correctly?


    Just doing some comparison work here to know what to improve in the next updates :).




  3. @britfrog

    No need to take this personal. We had a lot of testers during the BETA phase and none of them has ever reported a problem like this. So what would you say is the difference?


    I didn't tell you "you have a special configuration, sorry for this" and let you standing in the rain; I offered you to contact me so we'll check what the problem is so saying you only got a "standard dev response" is a bit unfair from my point of view.


    Anyway, I'm sure we get those problems fixed for you  :thum:.



  4. Hi britfrog!


    1.) It doesn't recognize any FSUIPC installation, because it doesn't know for what simulator you want to use our tool. You could have installed FSUIPC in P3D and it might be missing in FSX - if you only want to use our tool in P3D there's no need for us to shout for the most current version.


    2.) You don't have to install FSUIPC during the setup process. The tools asks you to install the latest version of FSUIPC because it's needed for some features, but if you already have it, just click "No" and it won't install.

    3.) .NET Framework 4.0 is required, none of the current licence holders or beta testers ever had a problem with that - if you tell me what happend before redownloading and installing .NET Framework 4.0 I can help!

    4.) Even if you already have FSUIPC installed, your registration doesn't go away by reinstallling it. FSUIPC asks you (after the installation) if you want to add new registrations or keep the previous ones. I'm sure you do NOT have to license FSUIPC again, if you already own it.

    5.) Uninstall is a simple deletion of the folder and the (optional) shortcut, because we make no registry entries or changes to other system directories or files.


    Your problems seem very uncommon to me and it might be related to a special configuration, but I'd be happy to help you to set it up and get it running, just drop me an e-mail, I'm online now :).



  5. Thanks for the update Bernd. Your enthusiasm is contagious. :)


    Yeah, it's not just promotion anymore, it turned out to be something very personal, because I want to make people clear that I'm not stupid enough to spend months of development (beside a full-time job) to create "just another weather engine" for an already croweded market :D. Or maybe I am....  :wacko2:!?


    Thanks for your welcome here on the forums, it's great to be here  :)!

  6. Just a quick update on the road map: for the next update we're working on network support (WideFS and SimConnect) as well as better overcast depiction (optional because of possible performance impacts). For the update thereafter we're considering FS9 support (yes, still heavily requested!).


    Of course, if you experience bugs or faulty weather depiction, please let me know and I will include fixes on the weather generation itself too.



    PS: All the newest information is also available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FS-Global-Real-Weather/367418523372390

  7. Thank you for your welcome!


    @Bernd-Thanks Bernd and welcome to the site. I look forward to the local weather phenomena feature, sounds like a winner. The other item that interests me is the ability to make the clouds look more realistic as far as the count and weather by station. Flying the other day toward an oncoming storm front did not give me what I was looking for. I appreciate your input to clarify some of these points and wish you and your company the best of wishes on your new release. :)


    @Britfrog-Thanks for the reply. So far I like REX, one, because of the textures and two, because of the increase in realtime weather. I might add that it does seem to be a bit behind when you compare it to what your seeing outside though and I have read here that Opus is it little better in that department. Now we have another contender in the mix that sounds as if it might be even better. I was leery about REX at first due to reading about folks having problems and I have been very lucky so far with my computer and how it runs. So far I have not had any problems with it but am a bit afraid of adding this new program so I appreciate your offer to test it out on another machine.(a luxury I do not have) The only other thing that turns me off is the price, 53.00 bucks US. That's a lot of moolah for something like a weather program at a time when the economy is tight.


    If you give me UTC time and location I can check myself what was wrong with the storm you expected - was it just not there or were there other problems?


    Regarding the price: we focused a whole lot time on getting the best real weather sources; the "content" may look less because there are no textures etc. The development was focused on real weather depiction from day one. Airline pilots in our test team repeated a real-life flight they had the day before with historic weather in our tool and that feedback was the most important to us, not "good looking" weather. People were surprised that they had turbulence in their simulated flight at the same position they had it in the real one .Of course, 100 % accuracy is simply not possible; it lacks some data here and there and FSX just doesn't contain all the features required by this (just as an example: our real world data sources report up to 25 different cloud layers - FSX knows 4 *g*). Pretty simple: if even airliners in the "real world" cannot exactly tell where turbulence will be on their flight and what exact winds they will have, how could we have that in the sim? But we're pretty close and still improving every day.



  8. Hi everyone!


    I'm one of the developers of FS Global Real Weather, just to clear up some things:


    .) FSGRW does not come with its own AI or ATC. It works with ATC and AI (ome Add-Ons don't do that very well!). AI Planes will be landing and departing on correct runways and ATC will guide to the correct runway without having to manually reset something. The software takes care of this!


    .) The difference between the other tools and FSGRW is that we don't just use METARs and Upper Air Forecasts to provide the weather. We have many other data sources to create realistic weather where other reports don't have any details. As an example: having CAVOK in a METAR does not mean that there are no clouds. FSGRW doesn't "randomly" create clouds there. It creates them by using other real-world weather sources (where available).


    To sum it up: the focus of FSGRW is to provide the most REALISTIC weather. This is a different approach than trying to provide the most beautiful one (I remember firing up another weather tool that lets me choose how many cloud layers I want; users suggested to select 20 - this looked nice in the simulator but is far from realistic because when have ever looked into the sky to see 20 cloud layers!??). It's a different approach than others may have; we did not focus on textures etc, we fully spent the development time to find as much real weather data sources as possible to feed our "atmopshere simulation engine" to get the best results. 


    Also, FSGRW works with station mode (not global mode), so you can actually see the weather in the distance (so you're able to avoid towering cumulus etc) and it provides solutions to typical station mode problems (wind smoothing - no more strange wind jumps resulting in overspeed).


    One last thing to mention is the "local weather phenomena" feature that will be extended and grow in the future: this simulates weather phenomena typical for certain airports or regions in the world (ie airports in the mountains, where winds may turn totally different when climbing / descending than they do on flat terrain etc).


    We have an evaluation version out, so everyone can try!




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