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  1. Thanks again guys. That aircraft is a real colour scheme belonging to an austrian skydiving club. there are pics of it on airliners.net. Why someone would paint such a hideous scheme on a plane is beyond me. I thought Austrians were supposed to be tasteful and cultured.!! LOL I,ll let you know what toy I choose.
  2. Thanks to Mut for the prize, heres the first test flights of my Dash 8-300 thanks for viewing. and thanks again to Mut and JF.
  3. Show that to Kermit Weeks in Florida or Tony Bianchi at PPS and theyd have her flying again in no time !! :wacky:
  4. okay lets get ugly !! Kaman K-Max A shed,some planks and possibly the worst paintjob ever applied to a plane, the Short Skyvan Finally, not all french designs have great style, the SNCASO Trident this list is not nescacarily the final one!
  5. Thanks Guys, I will have to choose carefully, I,ll let you know what I get.
  6. Okay then lets this freight shifted. Heres my first entry, Antonov AN12 climbing out of Panama along the canal Antonov AN22 visiting Woodbridge Finally ,A busy day at woodbridge, A 747F unloading on a USAF Charter
  7. Ok Guys here are my first entries First up the ME108 taking off in foul weather from Berlin, 1937 then we have the Lockheed super constellation, trying to get down at Las Vegas in foul weather. finally An RAF SeaKing out over the north sea on a rescue mission
  8. Here are my entries guys and gals first up the Boeing B47 stratojet, pilots checking all 3 port engines are ok ! next we have the Sopwith triplane, seen at dawn over northern France in september 1915 HS146 heading south over lincolnshire at sunset these may not be my final entries !!
  9. ok guys here are my entries. Agusta 109 sightseeing over Rome, Vatican top left, Colliseum in the foreground. If you look to your left you may just see Mr Obama waving at you ! My Idea of heaven, A tropical island, a great little seaplane, a pretty girl and a spot of fishing !!
  10. No actually. I kept it going for a good 15 minutes, you have to really concentrate to do it but it IS possible.
  11. okay guys, heres my entries. first off , the Wright flyer,ssen here over Kitty Hawk then we have the De Havilland 16, entered service in 1919, made the first ever commercial airline flight from Hounslow Aerodrome to Paris finally the Vickers Vimy Commercial, used the wings and engines of the bomber mated to a new fuselage.first flew 13/4/1919.
  12. Here are my entries. Stormbird, the mighty Saab Viggen The Spitfire Mk1 the Avro York these may not be the final entries, we shall see.....
  13. Looks like someones been cutting and pasting !!LOL, blimey one missile and you,d take out the whole squadron,
  14. In No particular order, here are some of mine.... Passing a 737 at mach1 !! there are others but I dont have them on FS. hope you like them.
  15. Okay Comrades, Here are my entries, Ilyushin IL76 over the Dutch coast winter in Riga Yak 23 over Murmansk
  16. Dont bank on it chum, I too love them, do svidanya ! :smile:
  17. and finally the classic Barnstormer, the Curtiss JN4 Jenny, seen here flipping into a spin
  18. Heres My first 2 In verted under the Golden Gate Bridge, Low level through the Grand Canyon.
  19. I,m lovin' that aircraft great pic, Such a pity so very little of the real one survives,
  20. Highly illegal but fun , Tower bridge, Jet ranger style ! Dawn over London
  21. Decided to Fly the Jetranger over the himalayas in a snowstorm, took off from Khatmandu in Nepal, the wreckage is now somewhere on the side of K2 after a whiteout !
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