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  1. All sorted now . I think I know where I went wrong, I tried to load them in bulk as I used to do, but cannot do that now.
  2. I could have sworn that's what I used. hmm! (scratches beard thoughtfully)
  3. The Leyland National is an integrally-constructed British step-floor single-decker bus manufactured in large quantities between 1972 and 1985. It was developed as a joint project between two UK nationalised industries – the National Bus Company and British Leyland I was lucky enough to drive them in LT service in the early 90s, (though by then they were getting on a bit.) I had also driven them in Leeds in the mid 80s. I drove the 285 route on many occasions. This model is built to 1/76 scale and was intended to compliment OO Scale model railways. I scratch built a lot of interior fittings a
  4. 1/72 scale kit, Needed truckloads of nose weight to keep her upright. Also features brass aerials and other internal additions. Seen here with a Canberra B(i)12 of the South African Air Force
  5. The TR-1 is and more advanced version of the famous U-2 spy plane. They were re-designated U-2S a few years ago to avoid confusion. At 1/48 scale this thing is BIG with a wingspan of over 26"
  6. I've been Building models since 1967 and kind of forgot to stop. In spite of various culls over time I still have well over 2'000 of the things including my very first one, An Airfix Mig-15 that I bought in Paultons Toy Shop in Hounslow in 1967. Yesterday I complete my latest, a Lockheed TR-1/U2S in 1/48 scale with a wingspan of over 26 inches.
  7. Speed Camera Trap, ( Legalised Highway Robbery!)
  8. I love it, Such a shame the G91 never sold very well.
  9. I love both of those places, I spent a lot of time in both.
  10. Brixham. (a picturesque fishing port in Devon.)
  11. dodgy-alan


    Superb set of captures, Love the yellow one,
  12. Trench Foot, a serious foot rot condition brought on by standing for hours in waterlogged trenches in WW1. Often lead to foot loss.
  13. That bird has seen some serious use! Really nicely done.
  14. Not been to Cape Town since the early 80s , Great reminder of happy days.
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