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    That looks stunning.
  2. dodgy-alan


    Superb shots of a beautiful aircraft.
  3. Been on a real flight into there,(As a BA Passenger), it's amazing! Flying below peoples balconies is a really odd experience! Thanks for the memories!
  4. dodgy-alan


    Superb shots, Crackin' Jet ,
  5. That looks great, really well done.
  6. When you can't find the proper flags so you raid the passengers bikini sets instead!
  7. Finally the flight attendent discovered where the co-pilot had hidden her thong after Mile-High club entry!
  8. The SE203 was a French licence built version of the DH Sea Venom and operated until the early 60s. This one is a reboxed kit from the old FROG molds from the 60s. It's in 1/72 scale.
  9. I think that's got it, If not then I'm not sure what to do . The photos are only a couple of weeks old from a brand new system , so shouldn't be corrupt.
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