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  1. John, I did the same and as I got to the lake (in central Florida), I landed on the shoreline nearest the water strip. It accepted my cargo fine. I don't know about the ocean though. I think I just lucked out! Steve Austin
  2. I was aboard a 747 being tested for delivery to Pan Am in the late 1960's. This airplane had sensors in each landing gear that registered the weight on each gear to the tenth of a pound. I am sure any airliner today has a similar method of knowing the weight. Steve
  3. Thanks, Mutley. I really am interested in total a/c design, primarily. I do that already in the marine industry but am laid off from my job and at 62 this summer plan to retire anyway so it's a good thing. Painting may go along with it and I would like to learn that as well in time. Thanks for the great site......I'm with John Allard over here in Ocala, Florida and the Ocala Flight Sim Club. I enjoy John's work and we have a great club if you ever get over this far. How about that KOCF scenery Dree did. We're all enjoying that! Thanks for the assist. Steve
  4. I am interested in developing aircraft. I have done little but fly to date but have a design background in the real world maring industry. I'm 61 so the brain's more of a rock than a sponge but I use Auto Cad and Rhino design drawing programs currently in addition to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Draw and Photo. All are quite expensive programs, especially as compared to some of the sim design software out there. I am seeing sim software for $50. My question is am I as good or better using my design programs or are there things that only sim type software can accomplish regarding
  5. Thanks, John. I appreciate the information. You aren't the first one that has warned of the limitations regarding laptop video cards. I'll have to do some footwork and see if there may be something of quality that has an upgradable video card. I don't want it as my primary FS machine but I travel and it would be handy to have a laptop for portable simming. See you Thursday morning at the breakfast. Steve
  6. I am new to the Ocala Flight Sim Club, have been simming for 10 years approximately. I need a new computer, I would like some input. 1. What brands are better than others for simming? 2. Ideal processor? 3. What amount of memory will run FSX all maxed out? 4. What processor is the big question? Thanks, Steve
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