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  1. Could be, or a disgruntled passenger that purchased a ticket far in advance for a date beyond where their provisional license was valid for. By the timing of the events it looks like this happened a couple of hours prior to the news of a new permanent licens was published.
  2. Turns out it was me that had missed it while being knocked out with a nasty flu on Monday when it happened. But all I found was basically what your original link had said. Most likely the articles I found was the source The Daily Mail used.
  3. Strange... haven't seen anything about this in Swedish news sources. Shall see if I can find any more details locally. And not what NextJet needed. They were on a limited license to operate due to financial troubles up until this week when they got a new permanent operational license. Before that they would have needed to shut down operations in mid november, but were still selling tickets beyond that date. And I guess the name of the company confused the poor journalist tasked with writing aviation news, because a TurboProp Jet sounds like a very strange c
  4. As some of you may know I changed employer a few months back after deciding I had grown tired of being a bean counter. As a thank you for 14 years of service I got a gift certificate that among other things could be cashed in for a "Try to fly on your own-Experience". Guess what, I decided to cash it in to go flying!! And last night it was finally time to go flying, and it was a blast even though the cockpit was a tad tight for a guy of my length... Sadly I was to caught up in the moment to even consider taking any photos whilst in the air, and to be honest I don't think I even co
  5. Off course not, but for a prospective buyer it could be relevant information
  6. Good review there Jess, I agree with everything you said!! One note on the price tag though.. it's $99 plus local VAT, so with a 25% VAT here in Sweden for me it cost about $124.
  7. I'm guessing that removing that file did the same thing as removing EGHA in the AEC-tool for Global Vectors. But I'm also guessing it will come back the next time you run the automatic detection in the AEC-tool... As for documentation to read up on this I think it's available in FTX Central, but I'm not at home so I can't confirm or give any more detailed instructions at the moment. (and I still haven't installed version 3, so it really wouldn't be much help even if I was at home). An other option is to dig around in the ORBX folder in your FSX-folder. All PDFs with documentation i
  8. Just a thought here.. In order to be able to assign controllers in FSUIPC I think one needs the registered version....
  9. By the looks of it I might wait a couple of days before installing the new Central... Seems like they have a few issues to sort...
  10. And it is now live, so I guess it's November 1st from an Aussie perspective
  11. Isn't there a setting in AH to disable those? Can't check now as I'm at work, but I'm pretty sure there is. Since they are generated from the AH client I doubt it's possible to disable them from within FSX. My guess is that they are generated via FSUIPC, so if it's not in AH perhaps there's a way to disable them in the FSUIPC settings.
  12. Welcome to Mutley's @Peter225! As you mentioned VoxATC, in case you missed it there is a free 60 day trial version of the upcoming version 7 available on their website! http://voxatc.com/Home.aspx/Beta
  13. Yay... must try it as I really like the version I have... But I think you might need to edit the link @mutley... it's currently not working as expected as it point to www.voxatc.xn--com-0da Edit: Ehrm.. or I could always correct it myself.. so disregard the above, the URL is now pointing to the right place.
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