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  1. Felicitations of the season to my flight simming friends, I've been away a while doing other things like tinkering on projects and this that and the other thing. Popped in for a holiday howdy. Hope you are all doing wonderful, and looking forward to flight Sim improvements ahead. I'm saving up for a new computer as I'm very excited by what may be available soon in FSX 2020 on the beta horizon. Cheers!
  2. Hey I've been away for a little while doing things other than flights simming, just popped back in for a holiday howdy in time for a not tooo belayed hello and happy birthday to Mr. John "Mappy" Allard. Hope you're having a great birthday and holiday week sir!
  3. A battery and salt is corrosive. ASSAULT and Battery is...
  4. Combat FS capability...yes...even shooting down ai or other player aircraft. My #1 request because otherwise when I finally replace my dead computer i'll be switching to DCS world... Associated; Robust support for multi-player even in civil operations. Air-hauler, for example, flying with actual other players would be awesome frosting! ALL the weather/shadow/cloud/lighting/atmouspheric effects! Immediate support for add-on development and integration. Unicorns.
  5. Looks like a brilliant product. Fairly rare for a review to have zero strikes against. For under 30? Very much missing my flight sim still.
  6. Loved your Mutley Mini Morris Minor Review! Sounds like a brit Ford Pinto.
  7. So many stunners. Great colors.
  8. If anyone has a burnin interest in old MM's, there is a guy in the bay area trying to get rid of a yard full of them, apparently on a short time frame and willing to bargain as his only other option is the scrap yard for pennies on the pound/dollar. he also apparently has a wharehouse full of spare parts for them, probably an old mm dealer/repair place i imagine...or a nutter collector. 😁 Looks like quite the treasure trove if there is anyone willing to arrange shipping/storage for them. Would be a shame to see them go to scrap metal. Cheers. https://www.fac
  9. That looks like a very fun bird.
  10. I trust you are Planning a G-reat party. Happy day Tim!
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