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  1. Over France.. ..and over Berlin.
  2. On Twitter people are saying it was a panel that fell of the a/c.. claerly the Beeb has the answer. Thanks Geoff.
  3. Ruzzo

    Going Home

    The City of Shepparton going home after a nice stay in Hong Kong.
  4. Just spotted F-WZNW, over my house. My first A350 in the spotting logbook. (Not my photo)
  5. Did you hear about the Dyslexic Devil worshipper? He sold his sold to Santa.
  6. Ruzzo

    My new toy.

    My new favourite aircraft at Duxford. Scenery is free and courtesy of Just Flight.
  7. Ruzzo


    Paul, could you link that to me? That would be great. Thanks!
  8. Ruzzo


    That is a beautiful bird. Great shots, Alan.
  9. Look closer at the screen or move your head up so that you're looking down on the screenshots. They looked fine last night.
  10. 88,000 Stars above British Columbia, Canada. Makes night flying that bit more special.
  11. Yes I got Captain of the Ship with it aswell! Loving it so far!
  12. An absolutely beautiful leg. I loved the evening and approach screenshots. Where can I get the Air Atlantique repaint, Dai?
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