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  1. It is always a pleasure sharing my works with the rest of the community and seeing comment & praise like these sure make it worth my while investing my time into making & posting these shots. I must admit, although it was a challenge doing these composite edits, they are not my favorite thing to do. I personally prefer to stick with completely unedited screen shots as they demand my greatest attention to detail by trying to capture that ever elusive 'perfect' shot without relying on my poor talents as a graphic artist in manipulating the picture beyond what the sim is actually showing
  2. Thank you both very kindly. I will continue to bring you the occasional screen shot posting, alas, they take up much of my spare time so I cannot post very often. But I will try whenever I have the time and the shots worthy to share with you folks.
  3. Enjoy these mixture of unedited and edited shots of PMDG's 747 with McPhat's HD liveries. (unedited, apart from resized from 2560x1600 to 1280x960 & JPG'd) (light edit - blur, sharpening, light spots) (composite edits - my first attempt at trying these, so don't be too harsh) As always, thank you for your time in viewing my work. (Copyright acknowledgment: some of the composite inserts taken from www.lightningphotography.com)
  4. Jim: Thanks and Kieran is correct, the Avient model is the MD-11 by PMDG with actual HD livery by McPhat Studios. Sabre: Thank you kindly, as for carefully JPG'd, it means I have learn to be careful when compressing my 16Mb BMP files which contain my 2560x1600 screen shots as otherwise you end up with losing to much detail and crispness plus you tend to get artifacts with high JPG compression. So you got to be careful with that otherwise by the time you post your screen shots on the forums, they would have lost much of their detail and clarity. One thing I have discovered, the higher resoluti
  5. Thanks for your comments & kind words folks, always appreciated.
  6. I hope my screen shots will inspire it to do so
  7. Greetings folks, Found some time to gather these shots, enjoy: (unedited apart from re-sized down from 2560x1600 & carefully JPG'd) Thanks for looking.
  8. Great series Joe, love them choppers.
  9. Cheers folks, your comments & praise is noted and appreciated.
  10. Hey folks, Found some spare time to take & post some screenies of some of my recent FSX ventures, most of the shots are very slightly edited, if you want to check out or compare the unedited series you can click here! Hope you enjoy this batch: Thanks for looking.
  11. Cheers, its appreciated. Thanks Joe, it was a challenging video to make but at least it came out well. I do not use EZdok, which I believe is payware, I use the cut-down version of the same program, which I believe is from the same company, EZwalk and it is freeware . I feel it is mainly down to getting the right settings to run for a specific hardware setup that get the most out of FSX (things like TBM = 4096, using Nvidiainspector to force proper AA & AF settings etc), it is also the addons that make up what FSX looks like today, with the right addons, you can really make your FSX loo
  12. Hello fellow simmers, Enjoy this latest series of screen shots taken from my latest FSX video, Leaving Las Vegas. I hope you like the shots & the video, I put much time into this one but I enjoyed the challenge and it was visually a wonderful flight, the landscape from KLAS to KLAX is just so beautiful, I hope you will enjoy it too. (the shots are unedited but taken directly from the post processed video, so due to the compression, the shots are not as sharp as per usual, but at least it gives you an idea of what the images are like on the video, should you wish to watch it).
  13. Thanks Joe, a classic plane from a classic era. Well there are 2 ways to improve and reduce the jaggies in FSX, 1) Increased the Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering, if you are using a Nvidia GFX card I would highly recommend using Nvidia Inspector and setup a profile for FSX according to Nick's settings, I think I have mine set at AA 8SQ AF16x. 2) A higher resolution, the higher the resolution you are using to run your sim, the more pixels per shot you will get and the sharper the detail becomes, I use 2560x1600 but that is an extreme resolution which can only be handled by specific mo
  14. Your comments and praise is welcome and much appreciated, cheers folks. Thanks, nothing special, at least not compared to nowadays, custom build PC, i7 950 4.2Ghz, 6Gb DDR3 Mushkin Silverline, Asus Sabertooth x58, 2x Zotac GTX580, Revodrive x2 480Gb PCIe x4 for FSX, Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 240Gb O/S, 2x Samsung F4 2Tb, NZXT Phantom White, CM Silent Pro Gold 1000W, Win 7 64Bit Home. Thanks Graham, the quality of my screen shots are down to a few main factors, 1) the quality of the addons I use within the screen shot 2) the resolution FSX is being run at plus the AA & AF settings 3) th
  15. Hey folks, I managed to find a little spare time so I compiled another random selection of 10 screen shots I taken over the past 15 months or so. So please do enjoy the view (unedited shots apart from resized & JPG'd, many free/payware addons & ENB/REX settings are various): Thank you for viewing this post.
  16. Much appreciated folks, always happy to share my work. Thanks for that wonderful comment Joe, having someone 'almost' shed a tear over a creation of mine is the highest praise I could get, even it was possibly just the scotch .
  17. Appreciate your praise folks.
  18. Thanks Joe, glad you enjoyed them. Also, Hot off the press, my latest video, which came up by complete accident (left the PC running while recording) but smacked it together with some appropriate music and I think the end result is post worthy, besides, it shows of FSDT latest KLAX scenery which is featured in some of the above shots. Enjoy the video here http://youtu.be/IEqR9nBDSjw, best watched in full 1080p.
  19. I must first apologize to those people seeking pictures or suggestions about cross dressing, I'm afraid the title is a little misleading. But if you are looking for pictures of the Queen of the skies, PMDG's 747-400X, then you have come to the right place. Enjoy this series of shots of McPhat's latest World Airlines release, containing 5 wonderful High Definition repaints for the PMDG 747. (shots are unedited apart from resized & JPG'd, REX2.0/ENB mods/Just Flight's Traffic X/Aerosoft's Schiphol & FSDT KLAX was used) Thank you for your time.
  20. Hey folks, Here is a followup from my previous post on the nostalgic 737-100. It features the very recently released 737-200 addon from Captain Sim, another fantastic looking model which comes with 6 beautifully painted liveries, alas it is only an exterior model, no VC yet but coming soon. Enjoy the line-up shots: Thanks for viewing.
  21. Great theme but tough to choose which plane(s) are my favorite. Very much a case of 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Anyways below are my personal choices of what I feel are some of the finest modeled aircraft in FSX, shame I can only list 3 as there are so many wonderful visual models out there. First up is the Queen of India: (a minor edited shot with bit of blur at the bottom of the shot to imitate motion) 707, licence to thrill (again minor edited): Cometh the Jet Age (also light edit): Good luck all.
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