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  1. If anyone is down this way, that's Plymouth, and wants to have some time trying out the new vr software and vr headset then your welcome to come round, just drop me a line and we can make the arrangements..
  2. I have been using the Oculus Rift since last October and have seen an absolute amazing rate of development especially with the FlyInside software with increased resolution and much more. I alpha and beta tested it for fsx and p3d and have been blown away. I have been really happy with frame rates running Genx and Orbx at a very reasonable rate, I normally average about 75fps in P3D settings on medium settings but the frame rates need to be higher than normal because of it rendering for the flightsim and for the Oculus Rift. I hope to be seeing the next stage of development soon when the le
  3. Hi Guys, it was nice meeting some of you at the Cosford Show and Brian that panel you have built should be hanging in the Tate gallery it is a real masterpiece. The stepdaughter took the wife to Blackpool that weekend so I had all the time in the world, typical American tourists and she did comment regarding the show that she didn't realise you could get so many nerds in one place at one time I have been trying out the Oculus Rift DK2 with P3D and after a bit of setting up to get the best out of my eye sight or should I say lack of it and I feel that for me it is definitely the way forwar
  4. I must say that I don't think the screenshots do it justice and as I said if you fly VFR then it makes the difference. I think it is the first scenery that I have seen that truly depicts what the UK landscape can look like in winter. The train is on rails and not derailed into the woods as it looks I should have gone a bit higher.. John
  5. Nice to see some realistic looking winter scenery for the UK.. Superb scenery an absolute joy for vfr flyers.. John
  6. It is the 30cm the screenshots really don't do it justice John
  7. Hi, not posted for a while just been ticking over in the background, but this was hard to resist.. What a real gem that Earth Simulations have produced.. it looks fantastic and performs better than I expected.
  8. I have been using some time to work on my throttle console, even though it comes under the generic label it is based on old single engine aircraft. The under carriage and flap actuators are from the Hunter/Canberra and work really well. on this project I used the Leo Bodnar USB Controller and about 45mts of wire. I could have saved on the wire usage but wanted to make sure that any of the parts could be easily replaced if necessary. I intend to add a few more features then move on to a centre console based more on a GA aircraft.
  9. Hi Joe, I think the word is relief more so than feeling Like you I think I might wait a while, the graphics are great but not being able to operate anything in the cockpits at times makes it almost unusable when it happens and I have had quite a few CTD's along with OOM problems but I am not sure if that is being caused be addon aircraft because after all even though they work they are not stated as being P3D v2. Regards John
  10. Hi Dai, It's nice to be back, you know it seems such a long time since you had the computer I cant even remember what CPU it had, time flies by it goes way to quickly.. There is nothing worse than having an hard drive go down carrying information you don't want to lose but SSD is a good way to go. Thank you everyone for any comments, the most difficult and frustrating bit about building it was sourcing the parts the 6mm bearings on the mixture and pitch control were to bulky but I could not locate any others. The tension control I used gives a real nice feel to the throttle silky smooth with a
  11. Hi, I hope you guys are all doing ok. While keeping my head down I got busy building what you could call a side pod for my flight station. Its more of a generic vintage throttle setup. I decided to mount everything on bearings, its probably more robust than the real thing. The red pieces are hard rubber go-kart floor mounting blocks they are for the tension which is adjustable. There is much more to do yet I intend to add another switch panel fitted, under carriage lever control and flap lever. The 3 switches that are fitted are momentary 2 way toggle switches for radiator flap, oil cooler and
  12. Nearly new Saitek panels. Multi Panel, Radio Panel, Switch Panel. Boxed and in excellent condition. £200 £180! Special reduction for forum members, only £160! John
  13. Here's Mine... Carrier flyby.. F-86 Dawn flight Early morning landing Cardiff John
  14. That's got to be one of the ugliest planes I have ever seen ! John
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