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  1. Ah, I thought it meant a file which which was part of the original install. All sorted I appreciate you taking the time to help Kind regards Adam
  2. Thanks you for the help What about the original EGCC file, do I not have to remove it as mentioned?? "Remove any existing EGCC AFD/Afcad file in your FSX installation"
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply, The only thing Ive done it install spk1 and 2. Update the NavAids. Nothing else This is the file I want to install AFCAD FILE FOR EGCC UPDATED Jump to: Screenshots | Comments | File Details DOWNLOAD446.09 KB Manchester Airport, UK, for the default scenery. By Matthew Brooks / Alpha-India Group. Aerial view of Manchester Airport, UK. Manchester is a major airport hub in the U.K. for the north of the country and sees a wide range of passen
  4. Hi all Can anyone help me with this problem I have downloaded freeware Manchester Airport, but I don't understand the following instructions fully? Remove any existing EGCC AFD/Afcad file in your FSX installation. Place the two files AIG_EGCC_ADE_MB_Default.BGL and AIG_EGCC_ADE_MB_Default_CVX.BGL in your Addon Scenery/scenery folder and re-start FSX. AIG_EGCC_ADE_MB_Default_CVX.BGL includes the landclass. 1 I can not find the existing EGCC AFD file in any of the scenery folders in FSX, Where is it? 2 I have placed the
  5. Bit of an update Set the system up and now have Proflight Yoke (£99.99 pc world online), Proflight pedals. The game runs with everything set to max and seems fine, very happy and so far haven't had an crashes. Now all I have to do is learn to use the FSX properly
  6. Thanks for the comments Don't know what overclocking is, giving that a miss Microsoft have said they intend to stop offering updates for windows 7 soon, so hence windows 8 I'll get another 4Gb of ram I have a 500GB external HD for extra storage, I'm sure I could spend more and it's at the bottom end of the scale compared to some of high end systems on here, but it should be adequate ?
  7. I will have this if you still have it. PayPal gift for the postage Regards Adam Raynor
  8. Further news..... I've gone to PC specialist, seem to be the cheapest and ordered the following, I have built a few systems, but to be honest I can't be bothered and decided to let somebody else do the work and its cost £678 which seems reasonable Case STYLISH PIANO BLACK ENIGMA MICRO-ATX CASE + 2 FRONT USB Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-4790 (3.6GHz) 8MB Cache Motherboard Gigabyte H81M-D2V: Micro-ATX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs Memory (RAM) 4GB KINGSTON DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 4GB) Graphics Card 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 760 - 2 DVI, HDMI, DP - 3D Vision Ready 2nd
  9. Hi guys and girls I'm building a system to help me practice for the real world and Im not sure what to buy. I want to send the least amount, but still run the game which will enable me to practice IFR and commercial operations. I am current studying for my CPL and have a cessna 150 and my PPL, but anything to improve my procedures and ATC is a bonus and much cheaper of course. Doing a quick scan I have picked out the following and am not quite sure if this is suitable or the best out of the bunch. Im thinking minimum i5 processor, should I stick with Intel over AMD?, Which version
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