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  1. I have always struggled with low fps as my machine is not that powerful however having played some other games for a month or two and started up fsx the fps has increased so much more than before. Can't see the reason why.....
  2. Ha ha thanks Gunner. Sorry for delay. I am away at the moment and don't really have the tools to search for the next image happy to pass on to whomever can take it on. Apologies.
  3. And to think that years ago i believe you couldn't become a commercial pilot without 20/20 unassisted vision.
  4. Just to add that you chaps astound me with your knowledge. I wager a few of you enjoy a good cryptic crossword now and again!
  5. Don't get into this stuff, it is illegal ! You might end in jail ... Ha ha. Just wondered thats all.
  6. I heard this as well. Amazing story. Apparently is also one their best pilots.
  7. Chaps if I may jump in and ask does photoscenery have a big impact on fps or performance? I don't have the best system but do run some freeware scenery such as uk2000 Gatwick and it seems fine. Equally where do you recommend good freeware photo scenery from?
  8. Well i did another flight egkk to egjj. I guess it is doing what it should be doing as far as following the route. It does clear the current magenta route about 2 miles before the next waypoint but does follow the Lnav route to the next. Maybe i am too ngxd out over the years to forget what i know and start again!
  9. Thanks for replying. Well, it certainly doesn't look like a hold point. I will persevere and try some alternate routes and evaluate. I have disbaled the dynamic view option in ezdok as from reading it doesn't seem to work.
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