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  1. The Registration Key for the "Skysim Sea Vixen" is attached to the back of the user manual that comes with the DVD. I have been to the forum recently because I needed to reinstall the "Sea Vixen" after a complete uninstallation of FSX (and all addons, including aircraft) and subsequent reinstallion. I had forgotten the registration key and was asking for help in how to recover the key. This info' on the location of the key may be of help to others.
  2. I understand fully that it's important to cut out piracy, but surely if the company is no longer trading and there is no one available to communicate with former purchasers, to help with a lost code, then using another's code would be acceptable?
  3. Just thought - would someone's elses code work with my DVD?
  4. HI. I had to uninstall my aircraft in FSX, including the SkySim 'RAF Hawk' and 'Sea Vixen'. I am now trying to reinstall the 'Sea Vixen' but I have lost the "Registration Code" needed when reinstalling from the DVD. SkySim has ceased trading and, although their site says that these codes will be still issued, I can get no reply from their site. Has anyone any suggestions how to get aircraft rinstalled? Thanks.
  5. I have had a closer look at this scenery and I am, to say the least, more than disappointed: I feel cheated ! Anywhere near water and the scenery is terrible - the default is bleeding through everywhere. Around towns and cities it's a mess in places. How any company can sell one a packge like this with so many short comings, beggers belief. It appears they just don't care. They have though, the ability to do a decent job with photo' scenery as witnessed with other areas in the USA. So why not with this product.
  6. Perhaps I expect too much but it's the city scenery I wanted. My experiences of MegaScenery has included the early MegaSceneryX (Southern California), the Grand Canyon and Western Washinton State. These seemed excellent to me. So I would have expected better here. I wonder will they respond to my email to 'support'?
  7. Hi I've got Ireland scenery from MegaSceneryEarth and Belfast City appears as FSX default scenery. Has anyone had a similar expereience? Ray
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