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  1. Plan G v3.1.1 Missing User Aircraft 24/11/2014 The User AC was visible under Plan G v.2 After removing V.2 I downloaded V.3.1.1 and installed it on Drive C, as Admin. I have 3 hard drives each of 1 TB. Drive c has Win7/64 and all non-sim data. (779.82Gb Free) Drive D has FSX and all related Data. OrbX Central with Europe, Global and North America. FSX Limiter. FSUIPC, FSX Booster.(817.25Gb Free) Drive E has X-Plane and all related Data.(654.5Gb Free) My Desktop has Windows 7/64 Professional SP1. Processor is 3.4Ghertz Intel Core i5-3570K not Hyper Threaded The Mobo is A
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