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  1. Another little sweetie, a Robin DR 221 http://www.fs-tutoriels.com/fr/tel_avion_DR221_02.php It has a really nice FDE and is a joy to fly. Since its an FS9 converted to FSXsp2, there are no gauges and VC clickspots in the VC
  2. Who doesn´t like this one: Manfred Jahn´s C-47 over PNG. Sorry, but I cant remember where I got it, but it should be an easy find.
  3. I agree that your screenshots are alot better than the JF ones. Yours look more natural, while the JF ones, especially of the VC looks a bit plasticky.
  4. Although I agree with that philosophy in general, a current, parallel thread here leads me to believe that if you lay all FSX "experts" end to end, they all point in different directions. John Exactly and thats why I think its best to concentrate on the important stuff, which is flying and when needed start entering the huge jungle of information that there is on the net. One can loose a lot of energy and time while complicating life. So I will suggest just installing a repaint, maybe a freeware scenery in your favorite area and slowly go into the jungle like that. I will call it,
  5. Interesting It would be nice if you made a review of this one. I´m holding back on this one because of bad experience with Aeroplane Heaven (AH). My last 2 2 AH purchases are very nice AC, but also with some annoying problem. The Chipmunk is periodically invissible and the Swift erased my P3D/effects folder during an uninstall. The last one really pissed me off, because its a full reinstall of everything if I want all P3D and addon effects recovered. In both cases, I´m not the only one having the problems and AH openly admitted that the uninstaller they had provided was faulty. But mayb
  6. Now that sounds good. Dont upgrade your PC untill you really have to. It takes away a lot of energy from the important thing: flying. You sound happy now, so stay that way as long as possible. And if you buy a new pc, remember to Install FSX in its own folder in the root of the harddrive (C:/fsx D:/fsx ) Thats important.
  7. Nigel I believe what you say and I´m not trying to defend P3D. If I had a nice FSX setup I wouldnt have been using P3D. But I came from FS9 because I had loads of problems with fsx back in the old days. Its a matter of time... Its a lot of time to set up a nice fsx if you start from scratch. And besides, some of us do not have english as a first language. In my case its my 3rd language. Imagine youself setting up fsx from scratch and all information was in Spanish or Danish???? You get really mentally tired and I (at the moment) prefer using my limited brain capacity to study complicated
  8. Nigel Your observations are good and as I said not long ago, I consider FSX and P3D to be very close relatives. BUT, what you tell us is very much your personal experience. FSX (highly tweaked) and P3D (default) may look more or less the same with photo scenery, but in other circumstances, with orbx, autogen etc, I find that P3D clearly has the edge with more depth in colors and landscape. Another thing: How many hours and years have you spend tweaking and fixing bugs in your FSX install? One of the things I like in P3D is that it runs very well out of the box (download), no tweaking
  9. Thanks for the head-up I might get it, but I´m waiting to see the reactions. In P3D we have very few quality turboprop-liners and this looks very swwwt.
  10. I believe you, but 150 $ + shipping + import tax put together with my Spanish economy = mañana
  11. Hi Yes, the standard mouse pan on off is space bar. Since FS2004 I´ve used a controller button to do so and I´m not going to change that because I it´ll take forever to change that habit. In FS2004, I had "active camera" which included mouse pan. It was revolutionary back then and I think that program was the reason why Microsoft included its funcionality in FSX. I´ve tried to make fsuipc map the joystick button assigning a keybord funcion (space) to that button, but it doesnt work (yet) What happens is that when I use fsuipc/button & switches and program the key (space) I can see
  12. Hi, I´ve found a now way to waste a lot of time setting up my controller for a specific AC using FSUIPC. There´s one very important thing that I dont get: How do I set up a controller button so I can click on/off my mouse which I use to pan in the virtual cockpit? In the sim fsx/p3d, its called "mouse - view direction (on)" and then I can click and pan, click again and fiddle with radios etc.
  13. I'm the opposite. Before I got the TrackIR (which I love but don't recommend as starting kit for you until some time later) I hated the 3D cockpit. Using the hat switch as it's implemented in the 3D cockpit just felt all wrong and I didn't like it at all. Instead I used the 2D cockpit and the hat switch to momentarily look in other directions. That worked better for me. Since I have the TrackIR now, of course I do use the 3D cockpit. Well, I never or hardly ever use the hat switch in the VC and I dont have TrackIR, FSX/P3D have the option of panning around using the mouse, so
  14. A really good PC is the fastest Intel processor overclocked as much as possible, a very fast and expensive graphics card with a lot of ram and 16g of memory. BUT you dont need that to start. I have a good strong pc, but its not like what I just described. And, as I said, you can start with what you have. Just respect what you have. What happens is that most of us and that includes me, want everything and NOW. But in your case, i actually think the best would be to start with what you have, do the flight lessons and fly around a bit to see if its something that keeps you hooked in 3 month t
  15. Yes, you should be able to run FSX on relatively low settings, but it wont run P3D. Dont push your sliders to high in settings, and if you start using complex aircraft and scenery addon, you´ll have the computer on its knees very soon. It should work if you respect what it is but its not an ideal sim pc. So go ahead and enjoy.
  16. The best you can do, is to take the first couple of lessons in the sim and then use the deafult cessna and do touch and goes on every airfield you get in sight. learning to trim the aircraft (AC) is the base of it all and better done with a docile one like the C172. Then later on a bit of wind, a faster AC etc. and be ready to be heavily addicted for years to come, having square eyes, sour back and few real life friends. There´s one thing we havent talked about. Your hardware. What do you have? Processor/graphics card/ram?
  17. Just my few thoughts on 2 aspects: Learning and stability in FSX and P3D. FSX has the advantage of having a learning center with tutorial flight teaching you the basics in flying from the most simple to jet flying. These lessons are really good if you are totally new. They will explain the almost all the basics you need in order to thorougly enjoy the sim and its well worth doing those lessons because later on you´ll be better prepared and understand the language of simming. Backside of FSX is that it can be pretty quirky and troblesome: I dont know if the Steam edition has changed anythi
  18. Nitro. Its good to see that you are back in skies again and that it was a relatively simple trick that did it. I think I got my problem fixed as well, so just a short sum up: Yesterday I had a CDT (fatal error) in P3D. Just like the continuous ones I´ve had the last week in FSX but absolutely new in P3D. So I started thinking a bit and came to the conclusion that it wasnt an FS problem, so, since most of the crashes were related to using the buttons on my Saitek yoke, I decided to reinstall the drivers and I could fly without any CTD again. A very simple solution and hopefully it will last
  19. I installed my old FSX (sp2 dx9) a month ago. In the start, everything was nice, but lately I have run into numerous crash to desktop (CTD) I have tried various UIautomationcore.dll versions including the one from here without any kind of changes done. I still get CTD. In my case, it doesnt happen when using the menus, but more often when clicking the controller. (mouse on of, pan, etc) and it may happen all by itself with me just watching the screen saying fatal error. So its not a question of simply dropping the dll file in the fsx folder. My relationship with FSX has always been VER
  20. Oh yes, I agree. I forgot to write that in my last post. But what interested me was to know if some of the simmers from the part of the world, where a fullfat ORBX region is not going to change their daily economic life would ALSO buy a region outside what they normally do. Maybe ORBX would sell more Central America/ Indonesia/ Peru/ whatever than they believe. Right now, to me it looks like they´ve gone 100% back into safe zone, spitting out airport addons. There´s not so much talking about them anymore and I have a feeling that they are saturating their own field. Personally, as a costum
  21. There are a loads of flight simmers in the "rest of the world" But maybe you dont meet them. They are on forums that are not english spoken. There are tons of freeware material for Asia/aouth america etc. made by people from there I think its more a matter of buying potential. People from poor countrys dont buy ORBX scenery for simple reason that they dont have the money. For someone living in Peru, an ORBX region is really a different price than for someone living in the US/UK. Even for those with Spanish/Greek etc. income, the relative difference is huge.
  22. Me to. I´ve been to Mex and central america many years ago. I simfly there quite often. Its one of "my places" But I´m more into flying señoritas than to drugs and guns. BTW, ofiicially and geografically, Mexico is part of North America, so I wonder if its going to be included in the Orbx OpenLC NA? If its ever to be released
  23. Adrian, you will get more Euro regions. If I´m not wrong ORBX is making a Germany region. The last ORBX Euro region that I will need.... Germany is one of the few places in continental Europe that has always been taken very well care of by Aerosoft. At least, I hope they will make sure that all the existing payware addons for germany will work with ORBX Germany. I have Global/Vector/mesh for the planet, but without OpenLC its absolutely not the same as with OpenLC and ORBX has taken the decission to slow down the publishing of OpenLC (money question?). We dont know when The North American
  24. Hi I´m just curious to know how others feel and I will start with the question: Would you buy an ORBX region in South America/Africa/Asia ? I´ve just finished the Mebar 2015 (awesome event, thank you) and it made me think how much I would like a Colombia ORBX region because its a very interesting flying area. There are many other places on planet earth that are equally interesting. Untill now, all ORBX releases even the freeware ones have been in English speaking areas and one region in Scandinavia where everyone speaks english at a pretty high level. The only release that does
  25. Its a very nice review and even though I dont have that addon, I can follow most of what you say. I really like ORBX regions and find them to be the best bang you can get on the scenery market. I have some of their airports and they are nice, but I dont really need them so much if they are inside a region. Besides, they tend to be very big install and sometimes they have a negative impact on fps and especially load times. You gave it a very nice score of 9/10, which must be considered a very possitive balance and I´m sure the product deserves it, so I was a bit surprised to read at the
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