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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for the lack of input for the forum lately, I've been very busy at work and with school. For those who don't know I currently work at Gatwick as a customer service host and promotions agent. I managed to pop airside the day Gatwick reopened just after the spat of heavy snow fall. However the area was under freezing fog for quite a while and visibility was severly reduced. Sorry for the glare in some of the photos, these were all taken inside the pier 6 bridge. Pier 5 (BA Pier) BA 777 tail BA 777 on pusback Taxiway and apron areas Easyjet A319 taxying Easyjet
  2. Hi Stu, Having been to Scotland many a time I can safely say that all year round the weather is a tad on the cold side! However the summer months will obviously tend to be alot warmer that others. I'd say the month of April is a fab time to visit if your only looking for a spring visit! Though winter in Scotland maybe present all year round, you will definatley notice the scottish winter creeping in from around August so wrap up warm!
  3. It's still so so so incredibly easy to defeat the secuirty systems at airports its unbelievable. This 100ml liquid rule is absolutley pathetic. Its incredibly easy to beat! It's no suprise bomb threats are in circulation on flights
  4. Hi guys, Before I even start, I'd ike to say a quick sorry for not contributing much recently. I am currently at the very tail end of my GCSE's and I also have work to attend to. Hopefully you shall see me more on these forums in the near future. Overall working at Gatwick means that during weekends when I usually film there, means I'm usually sick of the place before the weekend, so filming there for the time being has taken a dramatic decrease. However my youtube channel is still updated with video from flying, and my most recent includes some spin training and flight videos. Anyway,
  5. Sorry this note is pretty late and you've probably all made plans for the weekend, but I've not been on the forums much latley :blush: But if you live in the vicinity of Gatwick in Sussex and Surrey OR even further then pop along to the annual Gatwick Aviation enthusiasts fair at K2 Crawley. There is a large selection of photos, videos, DVD's, Models and much much more available to buy! The event takes place THIS Sunday the 25th of April If your popping along, let me know as it will be great too see some fellow forum members
  6. Hey guys! Thanks very much Dai - Luckily I speak some basic welsh so I knew what that meant, but I think it was slightly obvious anyway! Sorry about the lack of forum input lately guys, unfortunatley school work has too take some sort of priority at this time of year
  7. Shame I wasn't around to be able to film this at Gatwick yesturday as this is a truely awesome sight too see!! http://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=21902
  8. Current situation: LGW is Easyjet heaven with 38 of their aircraft parked there. Luckily I didnt go filming today then at the airport! Would of been faced with nothing to film and full of boring Easyjet
  9. Looked like superb weather for flying there and looked like a great flight! Looks a very tidy airfield to fly out of and certainly looks alot less hectic than Shoreham does! I currently undergo around 2 trial lessons each year at Shoreham just for enjoyment and too see what its like. I am in the exact situation as you, exams this summer and then sixth form in September and wanting to get a PPL ASAP. Finding the money is a pretty hard job and it's the only thing stopping me at the moment
  10. Well as promised quite a while ago now, here are some new videos for the start of 2010. Heres a recent shot from filming at Gatwick nearly 2 months ago. What you see in use is the same camera I have been using for many years now along with the addition of a Rode Videomic and a Sony telephoto lens for some more close up shots. Oh and a rather idiotic unattractive boy Anyways. Here are the few videos to start off with. First is a shot with a BA 777 taxing head on. This was a fairly lucky shot as the taxiway they normally use parallel to the runway their using as a temporary taxiway was clos
  11. Have a tidy day my fellow welshman ...well seeing as the day has nearly gone....I think it's best if I say noswaith dda instead P.S sorry for the lack of forum activity recently. Unfortunatley school work has taken priority, but aslways check my youtube channel as I update every week
  12. Looking very tidy at the moment. Should be good to see the end result!
  13. Happy bday ads! Adam is currently in New York the lil jammy
  14. A good 15cm of snow here today at Gatwick. Runway shut all day and did'nt open till around 5 o'clock! Looks like this couple were caught out last year in Paignton, Cornwall. Just goes to show how bad it can get! 7MPRmOUxRMY
  15. Cheers for the comments chaps Sorry Phil I should of made it a little bit clearer. I myself don't do dance, I instead film various dance groups around the local area :nea:
  16. Well before I even start with how things have moved on, I'd like to say a big apology for not being on the forums recently! This long period of time out has involved many other projects involving anything from dance groups, school projects and exams. I think now is a perfect time to say a huge well done to Joe for keeping the forum going and it also seems we have a few members since my last visit! The quality of the screenshots ETC have also improved greatly and also good luck to "aircraft aviation" on his pedestal project, looks superb so far and canny wait to see the finished product! For
  17. Gatwick by dusk; Sorry for the lack of input recently guys. I've been doing the usual boring coursework associated with school life. Though on a more upbeat note i've been doing some more filming recently for freinds on their school projects, dance groups ETC and the usual trip to Gatwick every week. Video uploaded in WMV format as Vegas would take years to save this as an AVI. Music : Air - In the waiting line 1zGCPjPRBDo
  18. Ayeeee As I said Joe, it seem my camera cant handle filming for 45 mins non-stop and just makes the tapes glitchy
  19. Some footage from the 1.5 hour film I got from the day. The the film is a bit glitchy, though the second half of the video seems to be a little better. This is mainly due to my camera not being able to really handle a shoot longer than 45 mins continous and actually ends up overheating making the tape glitchy?! Some clips include ATC, though the majority of them don't. EfMCesQKyoE
  20. BA's first A318 was delivered yesturday to London Gatwick. reg: G-EUNA calling : speedbird 9261 Sorry I was unable to capture the landing. The aircraft turned up 5 minutes earlier than planned and I was still in the airport terminal at the time. Though I have managed to capture the taxi to hangar 6. br52BuMHOz4&feature=channel_page
  21. Very nice shots Ads Unfortunatley I can only dream of A340's returning to LGW but hey ho...one day ey :great: I'm liking the overhead shot when your taxing along Juliet, really does give a sense of size! Overall fab shots Adam
  22. My latest selection of videos is a somewhat different to what your normally given. My videos are not only different in what I have filmed but I now also start uploading them in higher quality so the video will look better, which should help. I decided to do some filming in the evening at Gatwick and see what I came back with. Here are the results: A first from me. A portrait shot! I4BHMuizjj0&feature=channel_page Emirates 777 landing AX7NG1jSt-M&feature=channel_page Monarch A300 landing OX_iWsVyJjY&feature=channel_page and finally, a music video with most of the shot
  23. PM me OR jordi with your flight number and im sure one of us will be able to catch it. I'm normally only at LGW if the weathers ok and from 8:30 till anytime when the traffic dies down.
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