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  1. Beautiful airplane with a lot of history.
  2. Nice shots! I always enjoy the history that you give with each aircraft. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice captures! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thank you! The weather has been so-so, which is typical this time of year. Here are a few more shots of the trip. I'm in Golden (CYGE) now.
  5. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to participating.
  6. On another forum I am participating in a fun run from Billings, Montana, to Holkham Bay, Alaska. Right now I'm sitting in Alberta waiting on the weather. Here are a few random shots from the journey: The aircraft is Carenado's Cessna 206.
  7. This aircraft has a strange beauty to it. Great shot!
  8. Lastly, here is a video of us coming into 1A6. Even though my family lives in East Tennessee, this airport in Kentucky is the closest to their house. It's only a five minute drive to Tennessee from the airport. This approach was breezy and bumpy which is typical of 1A6 as it's located in a bowl-shaped valley. Our plane in the pictures and video is a 1980 Cessna Cutlass with lots of miles on her but she is meticulously cared for.
  9. I had a great holiday and hope everyone else did as well. Here are some randoms from the return trip. I had to file IFR coming back but the weather quickly improved. My copilot with a death grip: Usually I take a more direct route when I have a passenger. The Appalachians are fun low and slow when I'm by myself. I hope everyone has safe travels.
  10. Nice looking aircraft, Alan. Always loved the Tomcat.
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