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  1. Thank you John,Ros and Geoff for all your welcome advice. I must have been having a senior moment and completely forgot the basics for ILS approaches. I have however followed your advice and once again am enjoying the thrill of navigating into London City Airport. I had completely forgotten how to get the correct course settings making landing very amateurish yet good fun as you battled for control. Again. Many thanks. Bert
  2. Hi Geoff,thank you for your reply. I am using the Learjet 45 Aniversary edition (Microsoft standard supply ) and London City Airport is listed on the available airports in Microsoft. I was not aware that there was a number of city airports and I am probably using the incorrect frequency. I do not have this problem on many approaches in other areas. I am in the approach mode and am below the glide slope. If you know the frequencies for the various London City Airports I would like to try them and will let you know how I get on. Hope this info helps but many thanks for taking time to reply to
  3. Hi all, back again with a small problem. When approaching London City on an ILS Approach using the correct frequencies everything goes perfectly until at approximately 3000 ft altitude and lined up on the correct runway ,at the last moment my aircraft turns away and heads off to who knows where. This does not happen at all airports as most work perfectly. My approach speed is correct,the frequency is correct ,the altitude is correct ,so where am I going wrong ? I look forward to getting any help I can from you as my last hiccups were sorted instantly. Many thanks and kind regards . Bert
  4. Hi Steph, yes I agree with you. As you are aware I just recently joined and was amazed at the responses I had to my problems. While they were enormous to me it was great to see that they were not my problems alone. No that I know I can get help from members with the same passion for flight sim as I have ,I feel that with the members help I will enjoy my hobby way into the future. Kind regards. Bert.
  5. Hi Steph and Nigel. Yes,I had duplicated my Ireland Scenery,laying a current version over my original scenery. I uninstalled the older version and now as I fly out of Dublin Airport and head over the sea towards the UK the square/ rectangular shapes gradually diminished,finally vanishing altogether . So hopefully problem solved. Thank you both for your help. Being able to ask for help and get it so readily is a great help to us older guys who really enjoy our flight sim experience. Kind regards. Bert.
  6. Thank you Steph and Nigel. I had recently installed some new scenery which I will now remove and test my system again. I will let you know if this solves the problem. Many thanks. Bert
  7. Hi, many thanks to the members who helped me with my problem on wide screen viewing problems,now happily resolved. However as we are all aware something always crops up to spoil our flying enjoyment. My current problem is that when flying over the sea or some wide river scenery ,ghosting appears in the form of squares or rectangles in a lighter shade of colour making flying most unpleasant. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fsx to no avail. So back to our very knowledgeable members your help. Look forward to reading your replies . Many thanks. Bert.
  8. Hi Steph, I followed your instructions to the letter and after weeks of heartache ,imagine my delight when finally my screens reverted back to normal. Thank you and to all the members who took time to help me with my problem,now happily solved. Ps one thing I found myself by accident was that when I changed the config file from false to true I was doing this with the fsx running, so if any one is experiencing this problem then follow Stephs guide for a sure fired solution. Kind regards and again many thanks. Bert.
  9. Hi Steph. Many thanks for your reply to my problem and I look forward to following to the letter the advice given by you. I will certainty come back to you when I change my system as per your instructions. As I said the problem is that I cannot push my seat back,or the panels forward far enough to see the cockpit as I did when using one screen only.. Once again ,many thanks. Bert.
  10. Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated. However maybe I did not explain my problem correctly, so I will try to explain. The cockpit views ,outside views etc are perfect when using one monitor but when I try to stretch the picture across my three monitors everything comes too close making flying nearly impossible. I am using the Matrox triplehead2go with three 24 inch monitors. Once again many thanks for your very welcome replies and any other help you can give me will be appreciated. Kind regards. Bert.
  11. Hi. My name is Bert and I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I use windows 7 ,with the Matrox triplehead2go,3 Monitor system and no matter what I try I cannot zoom out further than .30 making it impossible to see the panels in the virtual cockpit. I have tried everything I have found on the net to no avail. Can anyone please help me in simple,easy to follow instructions ,allowing me to once again enjoy my flight sim. I have tried changing the wide screen aspect from false to true and back again with no results. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Bert
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