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  1. Aaaaah. No joy there either, Brett. I shall announce to the passengers that we are continuing on to a Singapore and that al drinks are now free. At least they'll arrive happy.
  2. Many thanks, Brett. I shall try your remedies this pm and advise. Have a smooth day. But then it's always smooth in PA, isn't it!
  3. I work through 90% of this Mission without any problem until I come onto the final heading for Naples airport. Suddenly I lose all control over the engines that steadily increase in speed until I find myself struggling to descend whilst the 'overspeed' alarm sound off. I've tried overflying and lading from the reverse approach but a mere sniff of the airport and the same outcome occurs. What's amiss, helpful souls?
  4. Onward79

    Missing DLCs

    Today the sun has shone forth. At last, after repeated requests for help on every site that deals with steam FSX, with the aid of computer advisor I have finally cracked the problem of installing these eight outstanding DLCs that has been giving me a load of grief for all too long. Ring out glad bells.
  5. Onward79

    Missing DLCs

    I have discovered where the files are lurking... C:\Program Files (x86\Steam\steamapps\Common\FSX\DLC and there follows some of the items that I've bought, each with a numbered indicator. The final problem, how to activate each one for it's not simple right click and Activate. Any offers will, be most welcome.
  6. Onward79

    Missing DLCs

    I'm running Win 10 version 14.4.2 on my desktop. I want to install some of my DLC list but I'm puzzled as to where the are for they appear to have gone not hiding, is their a sleuth out there who can offer clues? In hope, thanks.
  7. Cracked it ! Removed every vestige from my Desktop, ran a re-install from the disc and I'm airborne once again. Never say die.
  8. Bit more. I did an uninstall/ reinstall of the latest update and, for my troubles, got a brief blue indicator flicker on the camera . Any further advice, helpful souls ? It is most frustrating, when it worked perfectly in the past. Perhaps I'm getting too old for it !
  9. I have followed all your advice. The Natural Point site remained silent, regrettably. Not at all as helpful as your little corner of the world. This morning a red light appeared on the Track I/R camera but there are still no lights on the 'antennae' of my Pro version. Grrr.'
  10. Feeling splendid, thank you. Same with you, I do hope. so...version 5 Track Click Pro sim version update daily. No idea what it might be just now though !
  11. Very nice to be back and see all the improvements. Bravo ! Meanwhile my Track I/R is sulking. It’s only response it to display a single red light on the unit. The solution being ? Thanks to responders.
  12. Onward79


    It's ages once I last used Steam FSX. I want to kick off from the 'get go' once more. i've dated my 'Saved Missions' but is there a way in which I can clear out my 'Rewards' ? As a contented retiree I have the time to enjoy my early progress over again. Thanks. Take care, folks.
  13. Hi, Brett i haven't had any trouble completing that'Executive Tour' once that initial target is completed. Your suggestion contained in your final sentence sounds most interesting..I shall give that due consideration. Many thanks, once again.
  14. Many, many thanks. I shall continue the struggle as I enjoy working through the Missions. Warm Yuletide greetings to you.
  15. All is not well. I've run a full system scan with my Norton as a check and all is well there but I can't get any response when trying the 'Executive Tour' mission on 'Easy' realism and making a slow and low pass at the Shuttle lift - 2400 feet at 130 knots - done this in the past with ease. Should I consider an uninstall/reinstall ?
  16. Long ago, and far away, I once enjoyed learning something of the Falcon via Beach AVR's video clips and the Rolling Fire Missions. Are they still available somewhere and runnable within Steam FSX ? Thanks.
  17. Onward79


    As that little German fellow used to say on the Roman and Martin Show...... V e r y interesting.
  18. Onward79


    Many thanks. On my way to view.
  19. Many thanks, old chap. You've given me plenty with which to kick off. A most pleasing way to kick off 2019.
  20. Emerging from the Brexit mists might I have a recommendation for a civil helicopter to add to my Steam hangar ? Many thanks.
  21. Onward79


    As always, many thanks to you all for your advice. I'll sit back and wait for that major break through that will eventually tempt me way from my Track I/R. Sorry, John that you were so disappointed.
  22. Onward79


    PS Here's a link to that clip should anyone be interested.
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