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    FSX or FSXSE

    I have the QW 757 and AS A320 working in FSX:SE. I moved from FSX boxed over Christmas, and I haven't found anything so far that wouldn't work with the Steam Edition. I did some research and asking around before making the move, and I can't remember hearing about anything that wouldn't work with FSX:SE. I can provide a full list of my add-ons if you like. I can't comment about Saitek Panels, though, but someone somewhere is bound to know. Try searching the AVSIM forums.
  2. Because it involves updating the FSX database, it's hard to imagine that data didsappearing, but worth checking all the same. I'll see what I can find out. CAVEAT: It doesn't appear to work properly with Plan-G (yet?). Plan-G appears to update all the information succesfully, but in the map view, only airports, airspace and ILS feathers actually show up when viewing the map. Navaids, airways and intersections do, however, appear correctly in the FSX flight planner.
  3. I already have a Navigraph subscription, so there's less outlay involved. But you could look at it this way...one month's Navigraph, €9.22 (then unsubscribe), three month's fsAerodata, €8.50, and for less than €18.00 you've updated your FSX navigation database from 2005 to 2016. You could probably keep going with that for some time before you felt the need to refresh again. (Also. that Navigraph sub includes all their charts, so you could grab a few of your favourites while your subscription is live.)
  4. I've just upgraded my hardware and moved to FSX:Steam while I was at it, and it seems to do the job fine. I'm still waiting to here what the killer feature is in P3D that makes all the extra expense worth it. I'd be looking for something more than just cockpit shadows, as far as I can see the important things that are missing from FSX are still missing from P3D. It's prettier, though, but not enough to justify the hassle and price tag, IMO of course.
  5. Good point. I like the idea of having up-do-to date information in FSX itself, which I assume would makes its way to Plan-G and anything else that reads it. No need to buy Reality XP or F1 GTN now, with all up-to-date approaches in the default GPS units.
  6. This is excellent news. Why hasn't there been any fanfare about it?
  7. "Now get a grip, you're not really upside-down...trust your intrsuments..."
  8. "Famous Australian stunt pilot arrives in the UK."
  9. It's all in the title... (I picked up the 737-200 ADV and combi/freighter versions, and the freighter version of their 757.)
  10. Thanks mutley. I had done an image search but I was looking for more information about how configurable the lighting was in terms of insument backlighting/floods/glareshield etc.The query was prompted by my seeing what I thought was a good offer in the iFly 737, but when I looked more closely it wasn't as good as I thought so the purchase-urgency has evaporated . The normal full price isn't a million miles away from PMDG's so I might opt for that in the long run.
  11. I'm thinking of taking the plunge with the iFly 737 NG for FSXSE. One thing I like in an aircraft is good, adjustable cockpit lighting, and I can't see any information about this for the iFly. Can anyone help?
  12. I think it's from Julius Caesar: Mark Anthony: "O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason. An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made! Bear with me;My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, And I must pause till it come back to me."
  13. "Are you sure this is how fly-drive is supposed to work?"
  14. My money is on PR stunt, in the fine tradition of Ryanair, which has suggested, among other things, charging for toilet paper (Michael O'Leary said he would consider printing his face on it) and more recently, standing-only aircraft, or having one pilot only on the flight deck because cabin crew could always give a hand if required, and sure don't the planes fly themselves anyway? Such announcements are more about fixing an idea in the minds of the public, like "Ryanair = low fares" or in this case "Amazon = quick, reliable delivery". What such schemes completely overlook is the re
  15. Oh I like the Porter too, but I still wouldn't call it pretty.
  16. That's just homely, or plain. This is ugly:
  17. I'll be the first to say I don't much like the Orbx attitude at times, but JVs explanation above seems to be to be a good one. I can understand why little information was given out when the announcement was made, but perhaps the right amount would have, paradoxically, been even less. Something like "..due to technical reasons...". Statements like "PayPal no longer meets our requirements" which makes it sound like a business decision, would be bound to fuel a fire of speculation. It sounds to me like it will indeed be resolved, and to be fair to Orbx, having that much money frozen m
  18. Very nice. I've often been tempted by A2A's 377 but never pulled the trigger, mainly because I don't like cockpits with a flight engineer position, so unfortunately the same applies to the Connie. Not sure why...I guess I feel it awkward if everything isn't in the Captain's "reach".
  19. Several unhappy customers at Orbx's forums have registered their disapproval...and their intention to stop buying Orbx. We'll see... I prefer PayPal also, but I have occasionally bought with a credit card, although maybe I should be more careful that way. I have planned to make a couple of Orbx purchases in their current sale, but I was wavering...as a result of this announcement, I think I'll wait. There are other things to spend the money on anyway.
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