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  1. I like P3Dv4.5, but there are a few odd things going on. 1. When using ATC, the aircraft sounds, such as engines, fade. They revert back to normal levels after I have stopped using ATC for about for about 15 seconds. It was not like this initially, so wonder if anyone has any ideas? 2. I get trees/bushes in the middle of a runway/taxiway from time to time! Also the control tower will appear in odd places from time to time. 3. For some reason, at RAF Leuchers , when I land, the green grass forms into fall/autumn color rectangular patches/blocks as I taxi along! 4. I am
  2. OK...giving this one to JG. Very good....Take it away, John.
  3. Thanks Brett....Have fun with a funny caption for this poor plane, folk! Cheers Martin
  4. There are also two livery packages available now, which contain some colorful anniversary schemes. There has also been a recent update to correct a few issues. (Yes, it's a nice plane!)
  5. I remember driving by RAF Alconbury in the early '80's and saw one of those. I thought that it was a glider at first, then I figured out it was a TR-1. It made my day!
  6. Spring is almost here...mating season for small aircraft!
  7. OK. I am giving this one to Brett, with: Hope you have a new pen because you're about to fill out a lot of forms, sir. Take it way Brett!
  8. Wow...it must take a LOT of willpower not to buy nice, new, shiny planes! I used to make models....you should have seen my 'stash'...it was like a mini-model shop!
  9. Ha! I have just seen this and was about to mention it on this site, but you beat me to it! It looks nice...I have been wanting a MiG-21 for ages. My debit card is looking nervous!!
  10. Ok...I have now been looking around the program a bit more and have found out that there is an app which includes links to textures for the aircraft. You can pick and choose! Martin
  11. Thanks for your input Brett. I did contact Aerosoft who were selling it and was assured that it came with a lot of liveries in the pack. All that was pre-installed was a Boeing P-8 Poseidon and some house livery textures! I have yet to figure out how to get and install other liveries, which I am a bit annoyed about. On the positive side, it is a nice planes to fly and I really do like the P-8. Shame it is not an RAF one! It seems like it is one of those sims that will take a bit of study to get the most of...it seems strange having a sort of HUD in an airliner, but's good! Happy fl
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