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  1. Hi....I am trying to get back into flight sim and have been absent from this site for a while. I decided to get the Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS. While I can get the joystick part to work, the throttle does not seem to respond. I have downloaded the driver. It sems to be working in the set-up box, but when I use in P3DV4.5 flight sim (Windows 10), the throttle does not respond with the aircraft. Is it compatible with P3D v4.5 and if so, what am I missing? TIA Martin
  2. I like P3Dv4.5, but there are a few odd things going on. 1. When using ATC, the aircraft sounds, such as engines, fade. They revert back to normal levels after I have stopped using ATC for about for about 15 seconds. It was not like this initially, so wonder if anyone has any ideas? 2. I get trees/bushes in the middle of a runway/taxiway from time to time! Also the control tower will appear in odd places from time to time. 3. For some reason, at RAF Leuchers , when I land, the green grass forms into fall/autumn color rectangular patches/blocks as I taxi along! 4. I am
  3. OK...giving this one to JG. Very good....Take it away, John.
  4. Thanks Brett....Have fun with a funny caption for this poor plane, folk! Cheers Martin
  5. There are also two livery packages available now, which contain some colorful anniversary schemes. There has also been a recent update to correct a few issues. (Yes, it's a nice plane!)
  6. I remember driving by RAF Alconbury in the early '80's and saw one of those. I thought that it was a glider at first, then I figured out it was a TR-1. It made my day!
  7. Spring is almost here...mating season for small aircraft!
  8. OK. I am giving this one to Brett, with: Hope you have a new pen because you're about to fill out a lot of forms, sir. Take it way Brett!
  9. Wow...it must take a LOT of willpower not to buy nice, new, shiny planes! I used to make models....you should have seen my 'stash'...it was like a mini-model shop!
  10. Ha! I have just seen this and was about to mention it on this site, but you beat me to it! It looks nice...I have been wanting a MiG-21 for ages. My debit card is looking nervous!!
  11. Ok...I have now been looking around the program a bit more and have found out that there is an app which includes links to textures for the aircraft. You can pick and choose! Martin
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