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  1. Hi....I am trying to get back into flight sim and have been absent from this site for a while.  I decided to get the Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS.  While I can get the joystick part to work, the throttle does not seem to respond. I have downloaded the driver.  It sems to be working in the set-up box, but when I use in P3DV4.5 flight sim (Windows 10), the throttle does not respond with the aircraft.  Is it compatible with P3D v4.5 and if so, what am I missing?  





  2. I like P3Dv4.5, but there are a few odd things going on.

    1.  When using ATC, the aircraft sounds, such as engines, fade.  They revert back to normal levels after I have stopped using ATC for about for about 15 seconds.  It was not like this initially, so wonder if anyone has any ideas?

    2.  I get trees/bushes in the middle of a runway/taxiway from time to time!  Also the control tower will appear in odd places from time to time.

    3. For some reason, at RAF Leuchers , when I land, the green grass forms into fall/autumn color rectangular patches/blocks as I taxi along!

    4. I am wondering there are any add-ons to improve the general scenery, not for a particular region, but just to spice things up a bit like more realistic grass and buildings....

    Thanks in advance


  3. 17 hours ago, J G said:

    I was a flitter and then one day I sat down and worked out how much I spent on fs addons. Frightening!  So now I have rules, if the RAF didn't fly it, then I don't. 

    It has saved me money, and has concentrated my mind on just a few aircraft although I still found myself accumulating aircraft very rapidly. 

    Now I have a ban on new aircraft until I can fly all I have very well.  I have a lot of work to do......

    The whole set of constraints falls apart when I start to look at what I spend on scenery, hardware and other addons..... :fool:



    Wow...it must take a LOT of willpower not to buy nice, new, shiny planes!  I used to make models....you should have seen my 'stash'...it was like a mini-model shop!:D 

  4. Thanks for your input Brett.  I did contact Aerosoft who were selling it and was assured that it came with a lot of liveries in the pack.  All that was pre-installed was a Boeing P-8 Poseidon and some house livery textures!  I have yet to figure out how to get and install other liveries, which I am a bit annoyed about.  On the positive side, it is a nice planes to fly and I really do like the P-8.  Shame it is not an RAF one!   It seems like it is one of those sims that will take a bit of study to get the most of...it seems strange having a sort of HUD in an airliner, but's good!

    Happy flying!


  5. Does anyone know what what liveries are included in the PMDG 737 NGX for P3DV4 download?  The advert for it is very vague, so I am wondering if anyone here has it and can let me know?  It is a somewhat expensive add on and I want to know what I am buying (if I do buy it!)



  6. I realize that it will be a study sim, but also Just Flight tend to have easy options to fly their pro- level stuff.  I notice that they have a panel so that you can have it ready to fly if you do not want to do a cold and dark start.  I must admit that I love the one that they marketed for FSX some years ago, and also released a load of textures including the RAF version which I really liked.  I am glad that RAF texture is with the new one!

    Like you, I am impressed with their in house stuff...particularly the Tornado and am looking forward to the F.3 when it comes out as that is on my wish list too.  I am selling an expensive book on E-Bay, so may use the money from that to buy the current Bae-146! 

  7. Ok..the new Just Flight BAe-146 is finally out.  It's been a long wait but it looks very nice.  I must admit that I am surprised at the price ($84.99), which leads me to this question....

    How much would you pay for a quality add on for any flight sim?

    I must admit that this is about the most that I am prepared to pay at the moment and I would turn down most at this price unless I REALLY like the plane.  I must admit that I REALLY like the BAe-146 family...:P.  I wouldn't pay that much for their Boeing 747 though, as I have a pretty good one, even though it is for P3Dv3.


  8. Hi Joe. 

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Things have been a bit hectic here.

    I have done some investigating and it appears that the issue is the interaction between the pre-installed Windows Defender on Windows 10 (which is virtually impossible to uninstall on this version of Windows),and my favored Anti-Virus software (System Mechanic Pro).  Funnily enough, I took my PC in for a 1TB SSD C-Drive to replace the pre-installed smaller one.  Things were alright back then.  Since they have reinstalled the software on C-Drive, I am finding things seem to have changed slightly.  What is happening is that I can use System Mechanic, but if I turn it off to download something, Windows Defender turns on!  I have found that if I uninstall System Mechanic and then turn off Windows Defender, it stays off while I download.  So, this appears to be the solution for the moment, albeit an inconvenient one!

    Thanks as always for your input.

    Best wishes


    P.S.  Stay safe over there in the UK as I know that things are getting bad with regards to Covid.

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  9. On 21/10/2020 at 05:51, Tim_A said:

    The one thing you didn't mention, which is as important for MSFS as your PC specs: what is your Internet bandwidth, and is it data capped? You'll have a 100GB or so initial download, and ongoing realtime downloads if you want all the eye candy.

    Also bear in mind that it's still effectively a public pay-for beta, even though MS don't admit it. And the patches are typical Microsoft, ie they break as much as they fix, so you need to have a chill mental attitude at times.

    I suspected that they will several updates/bug fixes, which is one reason that I am not trying it yet.  Also, I would prefer discs and NOT just a download for that big program, but I don't think that they do discs for the U.S. right now.

  10. Hi all.  I am trying to install a program from Just Flight and have not had issues with it before, but I keep getting an error message from the Program Compatibility Assistant saying that the program may have not installed correctly.  In fact it did not do anything!  I have tried to find any clues to see how/if I can turn that wretched compatibility thing off, but so far, no luck.  Anyway ideas on how to proceed?





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