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  1. (Martin doing his best to impersonate Basil Fawlty from the episode 'The Germans') "Don't mention the TSR2!"
  2. Bet you'll be buying the Just Flight Vulcan when it is released, Steph? I can't wait....
  3. I thought that the whole ethos of the JSF and F-35 program was for an affordable plane?!! I think that it was a BIG mistake to retire the Harrier when they did. I bet there was still more life in it. Sure, it was an old design.....but so is the B-52 and that is still going strong!
  4. Recently, my 'real time weather' setting on FSX is playing up! For example, tonight it is snowing in London! Any ideas on why this gross inaccuracy happens? Thanks Martin
  5. Yep! There will be weapons of mass diSTINCKtion!!!
  6. Happy birthday Alan!! (I'll stay upwind of you tomorrow with you having the curry!!) Martin
  7. Sure does Brett. I just got my first 'probable'...smoking heavily and on fire!!! Martin
  8. I decided to have a go with my Tac-Pack EE Lightning to try and shoot down a drone. I had not embarked on this venture before as I am still 'flirting' with Tac-Pack from time to time. So I set up the drone, set the height, speed and course and set off in my Lightning. As I have still not figured how to use the radar and fire the missiles yet, I was stuck with the cannon! Boy...this hard! The target is small and you only get the briefest of moments to fire. I never realized that trying to shoot something down would be so difficult! No wonder it takes so long to train a fighter
  9. So was I...LOL! I think that's the only film of The Dambusters at the moment. Goodness knows when the promised remake will happen!! I wish that Aeroplane Heaven had a Dambusters plane with their forthcoming release......I guess that we can't have everything!!
  10. I know that you are supposed to be educated at school, but how come they don't teach you the interesting stuff..... Like, how to mermaids reproduce?? How do mermaids pee and poop? I guess that enquiring minds just want to know!!
  11. Dovetail FSW development being stopped. Big surprise there, then!! I'll stick with FSX....... https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/flight-sim-world-closure-announcement.4514/
  12. Uh...? Nothing wrong...? Wasn't the dog called Digger?? I thought it used to like digging up bones!!
  13. Youtube video of the up and coming Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster. Looks good...sounds VERY nice and clip has a bit of humor!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeVR5Zwqbe4
  14. That's an interesting idea. I'll try that. Thanks Joe. Regards Martin
  15. I have FSX Gold and as some people are aware, this program sometimes gets stuck on certain sound settings. For example, you may run at full throttle for a while, then when you back off on the horsepower, the sound still stays at high revs. I can usually get round this by pressing the 'Q' twice quickly which resets it. However, as there seem to be so many 'secret fixes' that some of you guys know about, I wonder if anyone has done one for this particular irritation? Thanks in advance. Martin
  16. Actually, JG, it is a pretty good plane for FSX. I bought it at full price when it first came out, but you can get it cheap if you look around. I am hoping that Razbam issue a version with TacPack, like they did with their A-7D/E. The biggest disappointment is that at full throttle for V/STOL, it is not that noisy!
  17. Doctor Jellyfinger performs his first live colonoscopy in front of a delighted crowd!
  18. Just Flight are now working on the PANAVIA Tornado F.3.......checkbook alert!!! https://www.justflight.com/product/tornado-f3
  19. My ...errr....'rear end' makes a very different sort of music!!!
  20. When you can't quiet reach the high notes when singing.......
  21. A couple of interesting items of news that may have slipped under the radar for some... Razbam have released a TacPack version of the A-7 D/E Corsair II. While is available to purchase, it is still being refined. (Yes, I have it!!) Aerosoft have added the Lightning F.53 to their F.6 package. It even includes the rare desert camouflage version, which is very nice. I bought mine from FSPilot Shop and as my account for the Lightning was still valid, when I downloaded it again, the F.53 was included. Yey!!
  22. Just spotted a forthcoming Caravelle on the Just Flight website. I remember seeing those at Heathrow in a day a LONG time ago when they actually encouraged plane spotting!! Now...where is that HS Trident that I am wanting.... https://www.justflight.com/product/sud-aviation-caravelle-iii Martin
  23. I guess that the important thing is that they got the flight sim itself right. By what I see, it looks nice. It had better be better than the Flight 1 version, as I have already sold my copy of that!! Martin
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