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  1. I need to petition the MEBAR gods. In a moment of pure genius I entered my target time rather than my actual time. *Slow clap* My actual time was 124:74. Not sure who I should contact to change it. I do have a pic to prove it, if necessary.
  2. Pic 3: So close you could touch it. Literally.
  3. Pic 1: Mmm, I did pay those parking tickets...didn't I?
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for congratulations. I was actually really surprised to win this one.
  5. Pic 2: The AI gets a little confused when it comes to right of way.
  6. Pic 1: No in-flight entertainment during taxi? No problem!
  7. A bridge over literally troubled waters. The Akashi Kaikyo bridge links Kobe to Iwaya on Awaji island and was built after two ferries sank in the dangerously storm-prone waters.
  8. Third one: Extra 300 and two buddies mixing it up. Gold wins of course.
  9. According to the manual the bombing system is realistic. From what I experienced, you flip the necessary switches and levers and the bomb tray extends as pictured. Based on a review I read, you can watch the bomb fall to the ground but you don't get an explosion unfortunately . The ship is fairly basic and has some crude gun effects (there is a wake but it's really small). You can get it from simviation by searching for 'Yamato.' The model I used is by an Erwin Welker. The Dauntless is the Vertigo Studios payware version.
  10. Pic 3: And now, A Dauntless trying to blow the Yamato up.
  11. Pic 2: A brace of Zero's flying past the battleship Yamato.
  12. Pic 1: Corsair, Dauntless and Bearcat off the coast of Hawaii.
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