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  1. Hey all, I have decided to join the Vatsim network, in doing that I would like to have a push to talk buttom ( PTT ) on my X52. Do I need FSUIPC to have a PTT on my joystick for vatsim using VPILOT? Or do I have to use a key on my key board? Any other suggestions regarding VATSIM? G
  2. I am aware that PFPX is the way to go and I am willing at taking a look at purchasing PFPX. But for now, using simbrief/ASN PMDG 777 any suggestions?
  3. Hey all, I been flying the PMDG 777 for a few months now, started flying long haul. I am planning on flying the 777 from London's Heathrow to Hong kong. I want to make flight as professional as possible. I use simbrief to flight plan, and I have ASN which I take a look at before I load flight sim. Now how should I flight plan properly? I guess what I am saying is should I take a couple of hours to flight plan do I study my route, do I read the full flight plan document? I want to feel like I am fully briefed and aware on what I am embarking on, as for long flights there
  4. Alright thank you, still flyable and something I can get use to but a little annoying..
  5. Sorry about the faulty link i have spent about 20 minutes looking around the beautiful flight deck checking things out closely and getting a feeling for switches and knobs. I also looked closely at the texture thing and in some of the screen shots I have have now posted here: http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/garb12/slideshow/ ( this slide show will show more clearly) You will have noticed that the weird texture looks like sketches, not the way it should look.( this doesn't happen in the airbus x.) I found if I changed my settings on my Asus monitor to a darker setting like "theater mod
  6. Alright thank you, for display pattern it changes on perspective I want to smooth it out cause when I am in full screen in flight sim It is very noticeable.
  7. I have just purchased the PMDG 777 its something I have wanted to buy for over a year now, so it feels very good but as I thought there would a few questions I would have since its such a intricate aircraft this not a big issue and probably a simple fix but The displays in certain views look a little strange here is a link to some screen shots: http:// its something I can fly with but it looks odd and not very nice to look at is there something I can do.. I am not very keen to spend hours reading through the manuals however I will skim parts mixed with youtube do you folks thinks t
  8. To answer your question Brett in regards to shutters I do NOT get shutters when flying I get a bit of shutters when I am moving side to side seat to seat manually with EZDOK but nothing to bad. The big airports like YSSY and EGLL still have weak performance London being the worst unlike in the past which is frustrating but I may just not fly there anymore. Some good news I have testing my FPS around in different airports and have noticed a slight increase in FPS and more smooth experience. Airbus x with all addons at the gate at Zurich cold and dark in the VC 19- 25 frames which
  9. Okay so your suggestions are as follows: Try kosta's tweaking guide Look over my settings Re-install fsx and all addons
  10. But my system has ran these addons and everything smoothly about a month and a half ago! If this issue came up after purchasing more addons I would have agreed that it would be too much but I know that my system can run this airports and other stuff cause I have flown in and out tof these cities for months. Do see my point?
  11. I have found them I deleted them and then i guess FSX re-generated them I have found maybe a 1 or 2 frame raise a little better, anything else cause if I can remind you folks my system has ran these addons all together with good performance so it was a bit of a shock I just wonder if I could get it back to how it was.
  12. I dont see it in the folder... I have never touched them either.
  13. I dont see the shaders in appdata-Microsoft-FSX or FSX SE... Can I download them? Could you explain a little more about how these with help my performance.
  14. Thing is I have had good performance at these airports and smooth performance in the past this is something relatively new. I have updated my gtx 960 drivers with an increase in performance in some airports. However still not great I think I am going to try kosta's thing any other ideas?
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