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  1. Oh yeah, totally agree. I don't have the A2A 182 yet, will probably get it this weekend. I find myself *always* taxiing off the runway after landing when I use the A2A Accusim planes. Otherwise, I land, and hit "end flight", but with A2A, I always taxi off, and do a normal shut down, add the wheel chocks, tie downs, etc.
  2. The A2A Cherokee. It's my favorite Flight Sim plane, by far. I'm a low & Slow guy, but need a little more beef to get around than the 172, and the Piper Cub provide. The Cherokee is the perfect middle ground to me.
  3. WOW! Amazing shots - beautiful!
  4. Hi guys, A fairly new simmer here - I'm playing a 4-yr old PC, and I was just wondering if the easiest / quickest way to increase frame rates is to just lower the overall resolution? Thanks in advance! (running FSX accelerator with SPK2, 8 GB ram on a 4 yr old HP all-in-One PC)
  5. YES!! Just downloaded Vol 2 of the UK Airports, and Orbx UK. Spent a half hour this morning checking out some airfield. They look gorgeous. Great set up for flying around the UK.
  6. Loving this!! I created an account just to join you and follow along. Having a blast so far, finished the first two legs with you. The first one was a mess, I had to do a fly around and abort the landing, due to nasty weather. The second leg was gorgeous and I'm looking forward to the third. Thanks for this.
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