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  1. Dont get me started on my mobo. I get back from NZ - PC HDD collapsed. Get it back a week later, internet doesnt connect, guess what! My mobo has a faulty ethernet port, duh. SO they replaced it with a P55A-UD3 while mine went into reparis, and its still in my system.. Not going back to JW.com.au, cheap little buggers. And yeah, I used the P55 and i7 975 as an example.
  2. That is a fantastic leg indeed! LOL, great shots too
  3. Mobos depend on what parts (Cpu) you want. I cant say get a P55-UD3 if you want a i7 975.
  4. Fantastic Shots Joe! I think you know what aicraft im going to go fly now :th_smiles73:
  5. Im going to pick up the Lanciar IV-P and/or YBUD. Most likely only the IV-P though
  6. Aidan

    Tecnam Sierra LSA

    Its a great little plane, that reviewer is pretty good too :th_smiles73:
  7. Mine dates back to game I played when I was 9, i wanted to be called 'alphaboy' but it didnt except that and said how about ACEZBOY, so im like omg omg ily!!! then eversince joining FS forums, i added the '561' at the end. Very simple really
  8. 1- FTX YSCB 2- Carenado C208B 3- Aerosoft Airbus X 4- FTX PNW 5- Ants Sierra LSA
  9. What a great year on the forums it has been since my joining. Did JustFlight send out their free gift thing?
  10. LOL! Nice leg loved it all, your overhead panel is coming along really nicely
  11. Its $5 mate, hahaha. Minecraft, oh god. Dont get me started on that haha.
  12. Great Shots! Love the last one Anychance of sharing your REX Settings (EVERYTHING! )
  13. Everything till 9PM GMT Time is now $5AUD. Picked the A-10A and Eagle
  14. Well hes teaching. If he was to say 'aim for the lights', i would land ON the lights. Land on the numbers = center of runway.
  15. Great Shots! Where is this months contest??
  16. Andrew- I have so many Airbus X photos from the exterior, I needed some interiors. Ill look through what I have tonight, but Im going to take the baby up for a photoshop tonight at YMML, YCSB and YBBN. On a side note, did you get my PM on another FS forums?
  17. Is a large, 7.5mb file. If it takes too long to load for people, ill upload a 1080pixel one.
  18. Aidan


    Haha, friend showed me this last week. EmcMG4uxiHk
  19. Happy B'Day Mate. Have a good one :001_th_smiles89:
  20. R.I.P all on board, just shows how we need to be more careful with what software we install on our computers. :001_th_smiles89:
  21. Thats cool, hmm I didnt buy from them this year :o But I did do something with points, wonder if that counts? Oh well, we will see
  22. Nice ATWC! On the wingview, the winglet looks a bit stuffed up o.o
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