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  1. I think you are right about the 30 day "roll back". BUT, the latest upgrade seems to have its own mind when it comes to rolling back. The impression I have is that Win10 (before the big November upgrade) will handle FSX properly. But the post November update is a very different animal and during the update process old files seem to be "improved" with serious consequences for FSX. In my case I found I had lost Dx9, and despite saying I did not want to save any files or folders i.e. I wanted a clean HD I had all the old files still present in my C drive. I then tried to roll back (about
  2. Thank you for your help. In the end I decided to uninstall FSX and run FSX Steam. However, I then found that it would not close down properly, I had to use Task Manager. When I looked in the C drive I discovered I had a set of FSX files in the SteamApps folder and another set in my C\FSX folder so my attempts at uninstalling from my C Drive using CCleaner had not worked which was probably why Steam was confused. I have now puzzled out how to go back to Win 7 and am now running FSX in this OS. In Win 10 there is a claim that you can "roll-back" back to a previous set up. I think th
  3. The fixer is a good thought; I looked at it once but the install instructions looked a bit too complex, do you know if they have been simplified? i.e. is it simple to install? The PC which is not happy is my second machine which is my test PC; if that is happy I move to my FSX PC which has all my add-ons on (planes, scenery etc) it. I am terrified that if I move that from Win7 to Win10 I will be in deep clag. I have tried John's Starting Fire sequence; it really works and is very realistic; I was most impressed and seriously concerned for the pilot. I am now looking for ways to make
  4. Thank you all very much for your informative suggestions, no plans to visit Sharm just now. I apologise for the tardy response but I have just moved the PC over to Win 10 (updated version) from Win 7 and discovered FSX wants Dx9 to run, the newly installed Win10 verson is Dx 11.2. As you have already worked out no Dx9 = a black screen and request for Dx9. When I downloaded Dx9 from MS and tried to install it i was told Dx9 only works from Win XP to 8.1. Not sure what to do now. Open to suggestions, Thank you, Tregarth
  5. This may seem strange but I would like to start a fire on a plane whilst it is in flight so I can then have a reason to use the ejector seats at a time of my choosing. I can set a fire to start using FSX's Failures screen but it will only come on after a preset time, my flying is not that good that I can be sure of being in a particular place at a pre-arranged time, so I would like to fly to a pre-set spot, press a key combination and cause a fire to start. Any suggestions as to how this coukd be done? Thank you, Tregarth
  6. A while ago in FSX (boxed) I created a flight plan from London City to Farnborough as a test. It was stored in C\Users\Me\Docs\FSX Files as IFR London City to farnborough.pln Later I decided to delete it. But now, whenever I start FSXI see a warning window on the Splash Screen saying he fike cannot be found. I click on OK and the message repeats. Again I click OK and FSX runs as adverised. I have been back to FSX files and deleted all of my IFR files in the hope that would sort the problem out, it hasn't. This warning is beginning to annoy me, can anyone please suggest a way to
  7. A while ago in FSX I created a flight plan from London City to Farnborough as a test. It was stored in C\Users\Me\Docs\FSX Files as IFR London City to Farnborough. After a while I went into FSX Files and deleted it. But now whenever I start FSX I see a warning window on the Splash Screen saying the file cannot be found. I click OK and the message repeats. I click OK and FSX runs as advertised. I have been back to FSX Files and deleted all of my IFR files in the hope that would sort the problem out, it hasn't. This warning message is beginning to annoy me, does anyone know of a
  8. Thank you very much for some useful websites, particularly AirCharts. I have just started flying the feelThere Embraer Phenom, the plane is very good but the tutorial flight is poor. The instructions make use of a particular way point which is not shown on either their supplied chart or moving map. Using AirCharts I now have a printout showing the waypoint. Very helpful, Thank you, Tregarth
  9. The Gatwick Flight Sim Group will be meeting at the Gatwick Aviation Museum ( http://www.gatwick-aviation-museum.co.uk/ ) this Sunday Oct 2nd at 10.00. I hope that some of you will come to join this new Group and share your enthusiasm for flight simming. The plan is for us to meet on the first Sunday of each month, to share knowledge and experience of all forms of flight simming. If any of you attended the Flight 1 Open Day at Shoreham last Saturday you will have seen a flyer which has just been produced. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, Clive Drake
  10. Dear John, I think the way round it is to use the "Nearest Airports" window. I followed the instructions under the heading "Nearest Airports" in the FSX Usinhg Garmin 1000 Help section. i.e. Press NRST softkey, turn the FMS knob to select required airport, press Direct-to key, press Ent key twice. This tells the Garmin that your airport is a Waypoint, then, by setting the ILS frequency it all works. One point I struggled with was using the FMS key. Move the mouse to the clickspot and hold the left mouse button on the spot for a couple of seconds i.e don't just click and expect a result
  11. Dear John, Thank you very much for this, I did suspect this was the reason. How strange; I suppose someone at ACES forgot and then when the studio closed no one was able to correct it. I will follow your advice and try the flight plan solution. I am not comfortable with a panel pop up, if anyone can screw it up it is me. I appreciate your help, Tregarth
  12. I have started to fly the MS FSX default Cessna 172 SP with Garmin 1000 and the Baron 58 also with Garmin 1000. Normally with a standard C 172 the DME works so when I fly round Manston I always know how far I am from home and also use the DME to ensure I am at the right height to enter the glide slope. But using the Garmin 1000 the DIS window stays at 00.0 nm no matter where I am in the circuit; I am only flying circuits and bumps at present so I do not have a flight plan installed. I have read the FSX Garmin manual but it does not tell me how to make the DME work. I have set and activated
  13. Thanks Rob, I will contact them both to see if they are agreeable to my posting a message. Clive
  14. I would like to start a Flight Simulator User's Group so that Flight Simmers can meet to talk about and share their knowledge and experiences with Flight Simulation (any platform). So, if you are flying a glider in FS 95, a 747 in X-Plane or a F-18 in FSX or a helicopter in FS9 and would like to meet fellow enthusiasts and demonstrate your set up please contact me on 07511 60 60 79 or c.drake7@yahoo.co.uk I am thinking about meeting on a Sunday morning, once / month, probably in the Gatwick area. I look forward to hearing from you. Clive Drake
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