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  1. Thank you to the folks who have responded to my enquiry. I was flying an A320 from Birmingham to Frankfurt and the problem occurred over Belgium. The weather was set at the default setting. I have cleaned out the case, though it was already in good condition. Another flight has been carried out with the following result :- A320 from Chicago Midway to Minneapolis, with the sides of the case not fitted. After 40 minutes of flying, the picture on the main monitor faded [ but not completely] and everything froze. Incidentally, the second monitor showing ATC and Sat Na
  2. As a total newcomer to Mutleys Hangar I first of all apologise if I am raising a subject that been dealt with ad nausium in the past. My problem is this. I have been using FSX on Windows 7 for several years, but now the situation has arisen where after about half an hour of running,,the screen fades and tells me that "FSX can't communicate" [or something like that]. After 5 or 10 minutes the screen returns to normal and I can continue. However, after a further 10 minutes it repeats this problem. My performance base is 5.9. This arises from Processor and Ram being 7.9, Graph
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