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  1. Great analysis. I was thinking of doing flight reports like I did in earlier Mebar's, but decide on not doing so since the due dates haven't passed yet, and i'm away from my pc for several weeks from friday. Unless ... you don't see that as a "spoiler" risk?
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, very glad to be back in what is my 4th MEBAR. As always me and some VA co-members are joining with some repainted aircraft. Last year we were an all Comanche bunch. This year we're spread out a bit on types, me in a P-51 like in my 1st and 2nd year. So without further wait, I give you my mount, painted by our VA housepainter Thorsten.
  3. Our joint and unofficial #6 flight. A late afternoon VFR from ENRA to (now closed) ENNK. AMA flyers online were Thorsten, Dirk, Gernot and yours truly. flightplan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ykWhl-vEL4EqM_G4-ACrVTW3GDgPbU0IWzWaikszaLU/edit Started up around 1745 and taxied to 01, lining up behind each other. After start a left hand pattern and towards our initial, a bend in the road next to the river. From there we followed the road and river winding through the countryside. First at 2000ft, later at 2500ft and finally at 3000f
  4. Dear all, as suggested earlier by the AMA flyers, we'd like to try and host an unofficial flight, flown online by as many participants that would wish to join. As it stands, the date and time of flight will be tuesday 17th of april, 1830utc (2030 west european time). Though my flight set up skills can't hold a candle to the skills usually portrayed in the various official MEBAR fligths, I have given it a go. Note that this is not a "straight legged" setup. Fly VFR along given landmarks and you'll get to the waypoints eventually. Be sure to fly your MEBAR mount
  5. Flight #5 April; 2nd With Thorsten Easy startup in light rain and low clouds. Carb heat already necessary. Left turnout from rwy22 and after leaving the traffic pattern head for 114 and climb to 5000. But at 5000 we were in the soup with carb heat a constant necessity. Back to 3000 to drop below but although the view is better under the clouds the carb heat was still needed. Not wanting to foul our plugs on a long trip and only 9 minutes underway, we decided to climb above the soup and levelled of at 8000. No more carb heat, but higher winds so faster than we w
  6. Flight #4 April 1st Flying alone A quick look at the weather settings and I knew: this was going to be an IMC flight, definately no VFR stuff. So after starting the engine and letting her warm I decided to go full GPS on this, letting the AP do it’s thing with me checking the old school radio’s just for reference and fun. After the warm up I taxied to the runway and did the engine checks. With the engine working better with carb heat on I knew I’d be in for a weathery ride: one I tend to stay away from in real life flying. After a normal take off from rw
  7. Flight #3 30 march Flying alone Easy startup in light rain, take off from 15 and a right turn out of traffic, intercept STD VOR and follow 063 outbound while climbing to 7000ft. Just short of wpt1 terrain came up so climbed on to 8000ft. With my no water in scenery problems seemingly resolved I turn towards wpt2 at the end of a fjord and over the town of Tyssedal. To wpt2 a long leg over white country between the clouds below me. I’m probably way too fast at this altitude and the wind on my tail, but the next legs will probably correct that as the
  8. Flight #2 26th march With Dirk Planned the route again with plan-g, getting ever more proficient with it. Never knew I could track a radial from a station with that :-D. And now my mount is also showing it's nose art. Normal pattern, climbing then over the field to intercept SKI VOR, running radial 296 and setting radio to DME to follow on 58.3nm. Soon terrain started rising but remaining at 4000ft. At 38nm out of SKI, I didnt feel safe anymore and climbed to 5000ft. With the timer at around 28min I turned t
  9. Hi Joe, saw your mail. I know of my personal flaw of lack of patience. No incivility was ment, and if so received, I apologize for it. I just "scared", you know ;-) thanks for the quick response!
  10. Hi guys, I've just sent you a contact form but as I now distrust the send form functionality on the website (wrongfully I hope): I see my times are not registered on the results sheet on flight #1. I've normally sent in times #1 through #3 with plenty time before the due date. Did you receive my times?
  11. Flight #1 25th march Flyers Toby, Gernot and Dirk In our AMA air taxi liveries, although Dirk's was the only one on which the nose art was complete at that time. Normal VFR pattern, climb 3000, GRM intercept, running OB radial 174 Error in planning, 31.9nm instead of 39.1nm. Lucky to fly online so corrected to roughly the correct wpt1. Both seem to be rivers though crossing the radial. Turn to 275 to get to wpt2, tuning in Notodden NDB and setting SKI VOR with OBS 337. After passing the large body of water
  12. we already did: flight #1 with 3 flyers, flight #2 with 2. So yes, trying, although longer flights and individual real life stuff may clash a bit ;-)
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