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  1. Sounds like a great aircraft. Definitely on my wish list.
  2. This is a fantastic part of the world to fly in. The guys at MM are so creative and talented.
  3. Thank you. I will pass your kind comments onto the team.
  4. Quick as you can...we will have you back over the border before the cops arrive!
  5. Thanks everyone. Many VA's come and go. We have some great guys n girls flying with us and work hard to keep it interesting. To flip this around - the forum here is one of the best around. Wayne - just noted your location is the same as one of the VA's bases! Fantastic airport and well represented in FS with great scenery.
  6. Hello everyone... The VA I run has been around a long time...since early 2000! Lots of things have changed in that time with the aircraft fleet passing through the paint shop several times. With such a heritage to draw upon we decided recently to paint one of the current B737's into a livery that we used many years ago. A "retro" livery if you like. When this aircraft first emerged from the hangar around late 2000 it was affectionately named "Purple Ronnie" by the crew. The original "Purple Ronnie". (FS98 maybe...)
  7. SimStarters looks like it will do what I am looking for. I'm looking for a tool that can move aircraft out of the FSX selection menu in a few clicks which I have so far done my creating a folder called Hangar int he Simobjects folder. This removed the aircraft from FSX and can easily restored. The benefit is slightly reduced loading times etc. Simstarter goes beyond that and looks very powerful.
  8. I remember many years ago a program called JAB. JAB allowed you to easily manage your virtual hangar of aircraft on your hard drive thus reducing FS loading times etc.. Is there a similar program still around that works works with FSX:SE and Windows 10?
  9. lionwing

    My first...

    "Lionwing" is screen name I have used for as long as the internet has been around. Even had a VA called lionwing at one point...many moons ago.
  10. lionwing

    My first...

    Thank you for the welcome everybody. I've updated my profile to include my first name as "lion" just sounds far too silly!
  11. lionwing

    My first...

    For all the years I have been involved this in this great hobby I cannnot fathom why have not ever posted in MH! Well....that's all fixed now and another first...this little video I put together on You Tube.. Hope you like it...and I'ill be back very soon...
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