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  1. Hey folks, just wanted to let you all know that I have just relased the Early Preview of the Goose for MSFS: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/initial-release-grumman-goose-g21a-redux-ii/338063
  2. Awesome. Thanks boss! Will pop back once I have the new Sim
  3. I did check that out and it's only 2019 available there and I was after 2018 and 2017 😀 Yup, I'll post up new flight files for anyone else that might be interested in recreating these in the new Sim.
  4. Hey Brett thanks for this. I have some info from when I ran this MEBAR, but yes having them all archived somewhere would be great.
  5. Hey folks, Haven't been active for a long time but lurking here and there :D Anyone have the flight files from previous MEBAR's handy as I wouldn't mind redoing them in the new MSFS when it comes out. Cheers Beejay
  6. So what's the planned cruise speed and alt? Trying to pick my aircraft for tomorrow.
  7. Well that sounds good to me as that'll be Sunday, 26 May⋅19:00 – 23:00 according to Uncle Google
  8. Been a while since I've been around these parts and I'll have to check but pretty sure I did a leg or two for ATWC ages ago
  9. However DID I get off that island? Stay tuned folks! Great PIREP mate =)
  10. OMG I was in such a rush that I completely forgot that. OP updated
  11. You wait till you see what happened next!
  12. Nice one. Where's the coffee livery though?
  13. Had a decent meal last night and they put me up in the Staff Quarters which, was ok I guess, but the important thing was that the holy batton of Mutely was safe. No alarm, no headache, yea I thought last night was a bit dull. But I got through my morning routine and was greeted by Geoff downstairs and we got in a Golf Cart and drove to the airport. Quick weather check (mostly clear skies by scattered closer to the coast) and I'm escorted out front of the terminal for the visual inspection, and introduction, of my ride for the day. "Yea, we want you to give this bea
  14. @Captain Coffee yea they did a top job didn't they!
  15. True enough, after stumping up to the bar and asking the lady behind if her name was "Doris", she got me sorted and stowed in my room. I asked if I'd missed the fight tent or not and she said that I was just in time as they'd rolled in just before I did. Going to be an interesting night! Sure enough, once the sun went down, the lights came on and the call went out! Yes sir, you too can get some free denture work from these travelling professionals! Just another quite night in Birdsville! I think the big horse race is on tomorrow so good thing I'm clearing out
  16. Thanks Ros, high praise from you This one I think is my favourite but I just couldn't figure out how to include it in the narrative.
  17. I awoke to sweltering heat, a headache the size of Manhatten and my alarm blaring in my ear for what seemed an age. Could have sworn I only had a couple of beers with Steph, but man is my head ringing. Whats the time?? 0600, ok so I haven't slept in too late. What's the temperature? 35. crap. gotta buy more water! I got up, grabbed my gear and checked out of my hotel room and got one of the bush taxi's to Connellan Airport where I'd been told I had a surprise waiting for me. I still had NO idea what bird I was going to fly but I'd managed to fly my way out of Asia taking little con
  18. Just sayin' no way I can top these PIREPs...great read as always!
  19. Wow really nice shots there Al.
  20. Nice work boss! Love the cat Finished off my NZ rally with the Cat (which I must get back to) and she's a beauty.
  21. So I'm obviously missing something here about the Catalina...
  22. Yea they kinda let the cat out of the bag last week: https://flightdeckx.com/why-orbx-might-fail-and-why-x-plane-benefits-regardless/
  23. Yup and need the other Buffalo one with the NWT logo
  24. I had to re read the first sentence as the first shot looked like a photo with the setting sunlight reflecting off the wings. Sooo pretty. Love X-Plane =) Are you using the ZIBO mod?
  25. Nice work =) enjoyed the read and pics. Looks like fun.
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