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  1. Brett, my plane is (E-195) V2 - Feelthere.. So should I send the flight plan to the Airbus directory ???
  2. Help me.. where you save flight plan in PFPX ??? (E-195) V2 - Feelthere.. Cmte Will
  3. FSX friends .... who could help me .. I use Active Sky Next but the wind from ASN is never the same as fo FSX. How should I do to match? Cmte Will Nogueira Fortaleza, ceara
  4. Yes ... did it corrupt any Windows 7 font ???
  5. Hi, Does anyone know the source of the w7 used by FSX? Maraponga
  6. There is nothing cracked on my FSX. Everything was purchased at PMDG, Aerosoft and FsLabs. Maraponga
  7. Hi, I just sent a photo via skype. So you can give your opinion about the FSX menu. Maraponga
  8. Hi Can I send it in your private email? I can not send Maraponga
  9. Hi, What is the best Citation for FSX? Maraponga
  10. I'm new to the forum. I don't know how to post I don't know how to send a url Maraponga
  11. FSX W7 The Menu actually appears but without the letters.
  12. tried the Alt key and nothing Maraponga
  13. Hi, My FSX menu has disappeared.. and now ? what should i do to get back as it was? Maraponga
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