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  1. Join me as we push the ViperJet through aerobatics over the Swiss Alps. We visit Mont Blanc (half Cuban Eight), the Matterhorn (aileron roll) and the Eiger (inside loop). Departing from Sion Airport (LSGS), we complete a 123 nm flight before landing at the Meiringen Air Base (LSMM) in Switzerland.
  2. Great stuff Frank! Always a great topic to research! Happy New Year!
  3. Thanks! Lukla is always challenging! Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year!
  4. Merry Christmas! With the popularity of the flight to Lukla in 2020 (250K views), we revisit Lukla and capture the beauty of Nepal with a Winter sunset flight in the Pilatus PC12 and experience a landing mishap! Airport camera records the landing! Timestamps Prelude 250K Views 0:00 Introduction 1:26 Flight Plan User Defined Waypoints 2:46 ForeFlight 3D Review 3:59 Departure 4:43 HDG to NAV Mode 6:17 Intercepting GPS Path 6:39 Time Lapse to 13,500' 7:01 Top of Climb (TOC) 7:25 Beginning of Descent LUK1 Waypoint 8:17 Luk2 Waypoint 9:23 The Everest Experience Recap 10:22 Luk3 Waypoint Synthe
  5. Hey Brett, thanks for the look and commentary. Yes, many adaptations from the H-1 can be seen in the WWII fighters. Would have been cool to meet Hughes in his hay day before things kinda spiralled down after the XF-11 crash. Cheers!
  6. Timestamps: Introduction - Hughes speech 0:00 HCG Digital Arts Ltd 0:34 Miami races spark Howard's interest 1:17 Hughes assembles a team 2:10 Test day 2:54 Amelia Earhart involvement 4:09 Departure 4:20 The Rules 5:03 Seven speed trap passes 5:15 Landing view cameras 7:12 Vintage video 9:10 Three point landing for Hughes 9:14 Even Howard bounces on a landing 9:33 Remastered H-1 photographs 10:05
  7. Thanks very much for the feedback and for the subscription! Very easy to get views on videos. Very difficult to grow the channel with subscribers in a niche field.
  8. For some reason the thumbnail cover for the video is not showing. Anyways, here is the link to Part 2!
  9. Thanks Brett! I have read and watched many documentaries on Hughes. So much info! He seemed to go really downhill after the XF-11 crash. That is when the morphine and codeine became a part of his life and really did change him. Living in constant pain takes a toll on your behaviour and health. Nonetheless, his contributions to aviation will always stand out. Yes, it is unfortunate that the aircraft was prohibited from using more metal in the construction. Difficult to say how well it would have held up. Cheers!
  10. Timestamps: Introduction 0:06 Flight Plan 1:16 Departure 1:55 Engaging NAV Mode 3:07 Level at 6,500' 5:00 Top of Descent 5:26 Waypoint WAMUV 6:34 Waypoint STRAD 7:19 Waypoint SKUBY 8:18 Descending to UNVIL 9:13 Glide Slope Capture (GPS to VLOC1) 11:30 Tom Cruise Cues Autopilot Disengage 12:59 Landing Replay 17:47 Taxi to Jet Aviation FBO 18:08
  11. Always guaranteed to learn something new with your videos and this was no exception! Didn’t know you fly the choppers too! Great research!
  12. My first flight in Europe! Mini-documentary on the Engadin Airport with multiple camera views of the approach through the Swiss Alps. We fly from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to the St. Moritz/Samedan (Engadin) Airport and perform the visual approach with RNP guidance. The Airbus A320 by FENIX Simulations is a full immersion aircraft for the MSFS platform. Full flight plan route is provided for this 35 minute flight covering 194 nautical miles.
  13. @brett Glad you enjoyed this flight. Sounds like you are familiar with the Okanagan North of the border. There is a mod for the fireworks that places fireworks at specific locations at certain times of the year in MSFS, but I did not use this. With the magic of editing I used video of real fireworks displays overlaid exactly where I wanted to see them in the video. Thanks for the visit!
  14. Beautiful work for painting and screenshot selection!
  15. One more Airbus video before returning to GA, Join me on a short flight from Vancouver to Kelowna to celebrate the 75 year history of the Kelowna International Airport (CYLW). We take the Airbus in style with in flight entertainment to recap the hi-lights of the airport from 1947 to 2022. Celebrate with Roy Orbison music and fireworks!
  16. Hi Joe! Hope you get your sound issue resolved ASAP. The sound really adds, especially the intro and the ATC. Cheers and thanks!
  17. After 35 years in the sim cockpit of general aviation aircraft, I decided to learn how to fly a commercial airliner. The learning curve is steep! With the guidance of instructional videos by 320 Sim Pilot, I can now fly the Airbus! Many thanks to 320 Sim Pilot for sharing his commercial jet experience! Join me in the flight deck on my first full flight in the FENIX Airbus A320 from Vancouver to Seattle. We utilize the autoland feature with an ILS CAT III approach to demonstrate the precise capabilities of this aircraft in Flight Simulator. Full flight is less than 30 minutes.
  18. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Brett! Your reaction to a failure in the sim indicates that you are passionate about this hobby! This one was a fun story line to work with especially flying in my neck of the woods! Thanks again for your support of my videos!
  19. This video was the ultimate test to realistic flight dynamics in Flight Simulator. Time stamps in the YouTube video description. Please leave a comment on your thoughts.
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